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Journal Articles

Capraro, V, Lentsch, A, Acemoglu, D, Akgun, S, Akhmedova, A, Bilancini, E, Bonnefon, JF, Brañas-Garza, P, Butera, L, Douglas, KM, Everett, JAC, Gigerenzer, G, Greenhow, C, Hashimoto, DA, Holt-Lunstad, J, Jetten, J, Johnson, S, Kunz, WH, Longoni, C, Lunn, P, Natale, S, Paluch, S, Rahwan, I, Selwyn, N, Singh, V, Suri, S, Sutcliffe, J, Tomlinson, J, Van Der Linden, S, Van Lange, PAM, Wall, F, Van Bavel, JJ, Viale, R (2024) The impact of generative artificial intelligence on socioeconomic inequalities and policy making, PNAS Nexus, 3(6), DOI: 10.1093/pnasnexus/pgae191.

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Internet Publications

Natale, S (2020) On digital mysticism, or the secret of bending spoons.

Natale, S (2016) The Science of the Supernatural: Many assumptions and values separate us from the Victorians, but belief in the supernatural is not one of them, argues Simone Natale.


Natale, S (2017) Updating to remain the same: Habitual new media [Book Review], Updating to remain the same: Habitual new media [Book Review]. DOI: 10.1177/1461444816683947a.

Natale, S (2017) All that’s liquid, This is a review of Esther Leslie, Liquid Crystals: The Science and Art of a Liquid Form, London: Reaktion, 2016, 296pp, £25 hardback..

Natale, S (2016) Review of Le corps nerveux des spectateurs: cinéma et sciences du psychisme de 1900, Review of Le corps nerveux des spectateurs: cinéma et sciences du psychisme de 1900. DOI: 10.1080/17460654.2016.1212454.

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