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Journal Articles

Hill, K, Hirsch, D, Davis, A (2020) The role of social support networks in helping low income families through uncertain times, Social Policy and Society, 20(1), pp.17-32, ISSN: 1474-7464. DOI: 10.1017/S1474746420000184.

Hirsch, D and Hill, K (2016) The additional cost of disability: a new measure and its application to sensory impairment, Disability & Society, 31(7), pp.897-913, ISSN: 0968-7599. DOI: 10.1080/09687599.2016.1221334.

Hill, KR (2009) Le dinamiche del reddito nella terza età (Looking Behind Income Dynamics in Later Life), Sociologia e Politiche Sociali, Vol. 12(No. 3), pp.139-156, ISSN: 1591-2027.


Legge, KE, Stafford, BR, Hill, KR (2004) Choice in public services: Evidence from the New Deal for Disabled People. In From Third Way to Which Way? 37th Annual Social Policy Association Conference, Paper to 37th Annual Social Policy Association Conference, Nottingham University, p.0.


Stafford, BR, Adelman, L, Hill, KR, Kellard, KV, Legge, KE, Aston, J, Barkworth, R, Davis, S, Willison, R, Arch, J, Dillon, L, Kazimirski, A, Keenan, L, Lewis, J, Pires, C, Shaw, A, Taylor, R, Tipping, S, Corden, A, Meah, A, Sainsbury, R, Thornton, P, Alander, A, Saunders, T (2006) New Deal for Disabled People: Second synthesis report - interim findings from the evaluation, Corporate Document Services, ISBN: 1-84712-069-5.

Lewis, J, Corden, A, Dillon, L, Hill, KR, Kellard, KV, Sainsbury, R, Thornton, P (2005) New Deal for Disabled People: an in-depth study of Job Broker service delivery, DWP Research Report 246, Corporate Document Services, ISBN: 1 84123 821 X.

Roberts, SJM, Heaver, CP, Hill, KR, Rennison, JH, Stafford, BR, Howat, N, Kelly, G, Krishnan, S, Tapp, P, Thomas, A (2004) Disability in the workplace: Employers' and service providers' responses to the Disability Discrimination Act in 2003 and preparation for 2004 changes (DWP Research Report No. 202), Corporate document services, ISBN: 184123642X.

Cordon, A, Harries, T, Hill, KR, Kellard, KV, Lewis, J, Sainsbury, R, Thornton, P (2003) New Deal for disabled People National Extension: Findings from the first wave of Qualitative Research with Clients, Job Brokers and Jobcentre Plus staff, DWP (Research Report No 169).


Webber, R and Hill, K (2022) Bringing up a family and making ends meet: before and during the COVID-19 crisis. In Garthwaite, K, Patrick, R, Power, M, Tarrant, A, Warnock, R (ed) Researching Poverty and Low-Income Family Life during the Pandemic, Policy Press, pp.15-29, ISBN: 9781447364481. DOI: 10.47674/9781447364504.

Hill, K (2017) Diluting Sustantive Equality: Why the UK Government Doesn't Know if its Welfare Reforms Promote Equality. In Inequalities in the UK: New Discourses, Evolutions and Actions, Emerald, pp.167-184.

School/Dept Working Papers

Hill, KR and Sutton, EA (2010) Managing finances in later life.

Hill, KR and Sutton, EA (2010) Housing Transitions: Older people's changing housing needs.

Sutton, EA and Hill, KR (2010) Transport and Getting Around in Later Life.

Hill, KR, Davis, AAI, Stafford, BR (2003) New Deal for Disabled People National Extension: Documentary Analysis of Job Broker Contracts.


Blackwell, C, Davis, A, Hill, K, Padley, M, Yates, S (2023) A UK minimum digital living standard for households with children,ISBN: 9780946831609.

Yates, S, Hill, K, Blackwell, C, Stone, E, Polizzi, G, Harris, R, D'Arcy, J, Davis, A, Padley, M, Roberts, D, Lovell, J, Lang, H (2023) Towards a Welsh Minimum Digital Living Standard: Final Report, Welsh Government.

Webber, R, Hill, K, Hirsch, D (2023) Living or surviving? Benefits, barriers, and opportunities for young people transitioning out of homelessness, West Midlands Combined Authority Homelessness Taskforce.

Hill, K and Webber, R (2022) From pandemic to cost of living crisis: low-income families in challenging times, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, ISBN: 9781915305022.

Hill, K, Webber, R, Hirsch, D (2021) Staying home and getting on: Tackling the challenges facing low to middle income families where young adults live with their parents, abrdn Financial Fairness Trust.

Hill, K and Webber, R (2021) Staying afloat in a crisis: families on low incomes in the pandemic, Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Hill, K and Webber, R (2021) Seeking an anchor in an unstable world: experiences of low-income families over time, Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Hill, K, Hirsch, D, Stone, J, Webber, R (2020) Home Truths: Young adults living with their parents in low to middle income families, Standard Life Foundation.

Hill, K, Padley, M, Stone, J (2020) Exploring affordability: what can housing associations do to better support their tenants?, Futures Housing, ISBN: 9780946831579.

Hill, K and Hirsch, D (2019) ‌Family sharing – a minimum income standard for people in their 20s living with parents,ISBN: 9780946831555.

Hill, K, Shepherd, C, Hirsch, D (2018) Experiences of living with visual impairment: matching income with needs,ISBN: 9780946831531.

Hill, K and Davis, A (2018) Making ends meet below the minimum income standard: families experiences over time, pp.1-17.

Hill, K, Horsley, N, Hirsch, D, Padley, M (2017) Sight loss and Minimum Income Standards: the additional costs of severity and age,ISBN: 9780946831494.

Hill, K, Marshall, L, Hirsch, D, Padley, M (2016) Sight loss and minimum living standards: the additional costs of living for people of working age who are severely sight impaired and for people of pension age with acquired sight impairment,ISBN: 978-0946831-47-0.

Davis, A, Hirsch, D, Hill, K, Padley, M (2016) A Minimum Income Standard for the UK in 2016,ISBN: 9781910783665.

Hill, K, Davis, A, Hirsch, D, Marshall, L (2016) Falling short: the experiences of families living below the minimum income standard,ISBN: 9781910783658.

Hill, K, Davis, A, Hirsch, D, Padley, M, Smith, N (2015) Disability and minimum living standards: the additional costs of living for people who are sight impaired and people who are deaf.

Padley, M, Hill, K, Hirsch, D (2015) Minimum budgets for single people sharing accommodation,ISBN: 978-0946831-42-5.

Signoretta, PE, Smith, ND, Holmes, LJ, Beckhelling, J, Hartfree, YF, Hill, KR, Manful, E, Padley, MJ, Perren, K, Waring, AJ (2011) Evaluation of DWP Financial Inclusion Champions Initiative: Final Report, pp.1-194, HM Treasury and Department for Work and Pensions.

Perren, K, Harvey, J, Hill, KR, Hartfree, YF, Padley, MJ (2011) Evaluation of the 50+ Face-to-Face Guidance Pilot, DWP Research Report No. 720, pp.1-99, Department for Work and Pensions, ISBN: 978-1-84712-916-1.

Whitfield, G, Waring, AJ, Goode, JE, Phung, V, Hill, KR, Sutton, EA (2011) Customers' Experiences of Contact with the Pension, Disability and Carers Service, DWP Research Report No. 722, pp.1-63, ISBN: 978 1 84712 919 2.

Hill, K, Sutton, L, Hirsch, D (2011) Living on a low income in later life,ISBN: 978-0-9568731-2-5.

Hartfree, YF, Whitfield, G, Waring, AJ, Sandu, AI, Hill, KR (2010) Tenants and Advisors Early Experiences of the Local Housing Allowance National Rollout: Final Report, DWP Research Report No. 688, pp.1-87, Department for Work and Pensions, ISBN: 978 1 84712 836 2.

Hill, KR, Sutton, EA, Cox, LAM (2009) Managing Resources in Later Life: Older People's Experience of Change and Continuity, pp.1-71, Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Hill, KR, Harvey, J, Phung, V, Sandu, AI, Roberts, SJM (2007) Local Housing Allowance Final Evaluation: The qualitative evidence of claimants' experience in the nine pathfinder areas, pp.1-109, Department for Work and Pensions.

Hill, KR, Kellard, KV, Middleton, S, Cox, LAM, Pound, E (2007) Understanding Resources in Later Life: Views and experiences of older people, pp.1-75, Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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Roberts, SJM, Beckhelling, J, Hill, KR, Phung, V, Stafford, BR, Stratford, N, Anderson, T (2005) Receiving the LHA. Claimants' early experiences of the LHA in the nine Pathfinder areas, pp.1-192, ISBN: 184123 866 X.

Stafford, BR, Ashworth, KR, Davis, AAI, Hartfree, YF, Hill, KR, Kellard, KV, Legge, KE, McDonald, S, Reyes, DBS, Aston, J, Atkinson, J, Davis, S, Evans, C, Lewis, J, O'Regan, J, Harries, T, Kazimirski, A, Pires, C, Shaw, A, Woodward, C (2004) New Deal for Disabled People (NDDP): First synthesis report, DWP Research Report No. 199, pp.1-147, ISBN: 1-84388-327-9.

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