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Journal Articles

Foster, C (2021) Quotative and partitive models of division, Mathematics in School, 50(3), pp.24-25, ISSN: 0305-7259.

Foster, C, Francome, T, Hewitt, D, Shore, C (2021) Principles for the design of a fully-resourced, coherent, research-informed school mathematics curriculum, Journal of Curriculum Studies, ISSN: 0022-0272. DOI: 10.1080/00220272.2021.1902569.

Calleja, J, Foster, C, Hodgen, J (2021) Integrating ‘just-in-time’ learning in the design of mathematics professional development, Mathematics Teacher Education and Development, ISSN: 1442-3901.

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Foster, C (2021) On hating formula triangles, Mathematics in School, 50, pp.31-32, ISSN: 0305-7259.

Foster, C (2020) Tailoring the examples to the method, Scottish Mathematical Council Journal, 50, pp.34-35, ISSN: 2515-1347.

Foster, C (2020) Half of the sum of the others, Scottish Mathematical Council Journal, 50, pp.47-47, ISSN: 2515-1347.

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Foster, C (2020) Trusting in patterns, Mathematics in School, 49(3), pp.17-19, ISSN: 0305-7259.

Foster, C (2020) Revisiting 'Four 4s', Mathematics in School, 49(3), pp.22-23, ISSN: 0305-7259.

Foster, C (2020) Twice as hot?, Mathematics in School, 49(2), pp.28-29, ISSN: 0305-7259.

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Seino, T and Foster, C (2019) Why the details matter: Learning from Japanese Kyouzai kenkyuu, Mathematics in School, 48(5), pp.2-8, ISSN: 0305-7259.

Foster, C (2019) Questions pupils ask: What counts as a random number?, Mathematics in School, 48(4), pp.30-31, ISSN: 0305-7259.

Foster, C (2019) Doing it with understanding, Mathematics Teaching, 267, pp.8-10, ISSN: 0025-5785.

Foster, C (2019) The fundamental problem with teaching problem solving, Mathematics Teaching, (265), pp.8-10, ISSN: 0025-5785.

Foster, C (2019) Editorial [International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology], International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 50(1), pp.1-2, ISSN: 0020-739X. DOI: 10.1080/0020739X.2019.1573786.

Foster, C (2019) Armchair responses, Mathematics in School, 48(3), pp.26-27, ISSN: 0305-7259.

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Inglis, M and Foster, C (2018) Five Decades of Mathematics Education Research, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 49(4), pp.462-500, ISSN: 0021-8251. DOI: 10.5951/jresematheduc.49.4.0462.

Foster, C (2018) Questions pupils ask: Why can’t it be distance plus time?, Mathematics in School, 48, pp.15-17, ISSN: 0305-7259.

Foster, C (2017) Validity in educational and psychological assessment, Research in Mathematics Education, 19(2), pp.108-111, ISSN: 1479-4802. DOI: 10.1080/14794802.2017.1318086.

Foster, C and Inglis, M (2017) Teachers’ appraisals of adjectives relating to mathematics tasks, Educational Studies in Mathematics, 95(3), pp.283-301, ISSN: 0013-1954. DOI: 10.1007/s10649-017-9750-y.

Foster, C (2017) Developing mathematical fluency: comparing exercises and rich tasks, Educational Studies in Mathematics, 97(2), pp.121-141, ISSN: 0013-1954. DOI: 10.1007/s10649-017-9788-x.

Foster, C and Martin, D (2016) Two-dice horse race, Teaching Statistics, 38(3), pp.98-101, ISSN: 0141-982X. DOI: 10.1111/test.12108.

Foster, C (2016) Proof Without Words: Integer Right Triangle Hypotenuses Without Pythagoras, The College Mathematics Journal, 47(2), pp.101-101, ISSN: 0746-8342. DOI: 10.4169/college.math.j.47.2.101.

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Foster, C (2014) Reviews - How to study for a mathematics degree, by Lara Alcock, pp. 288, £12.99, ISBN 978-0-19-966132-9, Oxford University Press (2013)., The Mathematical Gazette, 98(542), pp.377-378, ISSN: 0025-5572. DOI: 10.1017/s0025557200001625.

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Barmby, P, Jones, I, Foster, C, Milinkovic, J (2020) Using a comparative judgement approach to assess the problem-solving skills of primary school pupils. In 29th Conference of the Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (SAARMSTE), Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

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Hodgen, J, Foster, C, Marks, R, Brown, M (2018) Evidence for review of mathematics teaching: Improving mathematics in key stages two and three.

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