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Journal Articles

Armstrong, C (2021) Black foodways and places: the didactic epistemology of food memories in the WPA narratives, Slavery & Abolition, pp.1-22, ISSN: 0144-039X. DOI: 10.1080/0144039x.2020.1861910.

Armstrong, C (2019) Revolutions from Grub Street: A history of magazine publishing in Britain, BUSINESS HISTORY, 61(2), pp.382-383, ISSN: 0007-6791. DOI: 10.1080/00076791.2018.1423756.

Armstrong, C (2017) Combining reminiscence therapy with oral history to intervene in the lives of isolated older people, British Psychological Society, Counselling Psychology Section: Counselling Psychology Review, ISSN: 0269-6975.

Armstrong, C (2017) Print, religion and identity: The cultural significance of Thomas Gage, Atlantic Studies, ISSN: 1478-8810. DOI: 10.1080/14788810.2017.1372968.

Armstrong, C (2016) Imperial borderland? Fear and rivalry in representations in print of the landscape of Carolina and Louisiana 1660-1753, E-rea : Revue Électronique d’Études sur le Monde Anglophone, 13(3), ISSN: 1638-1718. DOI: 10.4000/erea.5197.

Armstrong, C (2016) Frederick Law Olmsted and the cultural geography of southern slave autonomy, Slavery and Abolition: a journal of slave and post-slave studies, 38(1), ISSN: 0144-039X. DOI: 10.1080/0144039X.2017.1284906.

Armstrong, C (2015) Voyages of discovery: Europe moves into the Atlantic world, Modern History Review, ISSN: 2055-0510.


Armstrong, C (2020) American Slavery, American Imperialism US Perceptions of Global Servitude, 1870-1914, Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 9781108477093.

Armstrong, C and Aje, L (ed) (2019) Many Faces of Slavery: New Perspectives on Slave Ownership and Experiences in the Americas, Bloomsbury Academic.

Armstrong, C (ed) (2017) Text and Image in the City Manuscript, Print and Visual Culture in Urban Space,ISBN: 9781443843881.

Armstrong, C (2015) Using non-textual sources: an historian's guide, © Bloomsbury Academic, ISBN: 9781472505835.

Armstrong, C (2014) A scholarly edition of a seventeenth-century anonymous commonplace book in the British Library [introduction], © The Edwin Mellen Press, ISBN: 9780773400849.

Armstrong, C (2013) Landscape and identity in North America's southern colonies from 1660 to 1745 [introduction], Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. © Catherine Armstrong, ISBN: 9781409465065.

Armstrong, C and Chmielewski, LM (2013) Navigation and empire [The atlantic experience: peoples, places, ideas], Palgrave Macmillan © Catherine Armstrong and Laura M. Chmielewski, ISBN: 9780230272736.

Armstrong, CM, Southard, B, Rawitsch, E, Edwards, S, Plath, L (2013) Historical insights: teaching North American History using images and material culture, © The Higher Education Academy, ISBN: 9781907207853.

Armstrong, C (2007) Writing North America in the Seventeenth Century, Ashgate Publishing, Ltd, ISBN: 9780754657002.

Hinks, J and Armstrong, C (2006) Worlds of Print,ISBN: 9780712349376.

Hinks, J and Armstrong, C (2005) Printing places, British Library.


Armstrong, CM (2021) New World Writing. In McDowell, N and Power, H (ed) Oxford Handbook of English Prose 1640-1714, Oxford University Press, pp.unknown-unknown.

Armstrong, C (2020) Resistance and the slavery counter-narrative. In American Slavery, American Imperialism: US Perceptions of Global Servitude, 1870-1914, Cambridge University Press, pp.225-268, ISBN: 9781108477093. DOI: 10.1017/9781108663908.007.

Armstrong, C (2019) ‘The Zest of Sport’: Representing Slave Hunting as Sport in the Antebellum and Jim Crow eras. In Dix, A and Templeton, P (ed) Violence from Slavery to #BlackLivesMatter African American History and Representation, Routledge, pp.1-15, ISBN: 9780367359317.

Armstrong, C (2019) Fashioning Whiteness: Teaching the ways that slavery defined race before and after the Civil War. In The Civil War and Slavery Reconsidered, Routledge,ISBN: 9780429607516. DOI: 10.4324/9780429059605.

Armstrong, C (2019) Rhetorical uses of the concepts of slavery in the United States 1865-1914. In Palgrave International Handbook of Human Trafficking, © Springer. Published by Palgrave Macmillan,ISBN: 9783319630571.

Armstrong, C (2018) Urban Renaissance in 'the most delightful country in the universe': planning the city of Azilia. In The English Urban Renaissance Revisited, Cambridge Scholars Press, pp.225-239, ISBN: 9781527506732.

Armstrong, CM (2016) 'World', 'Nature' and 'Reading'. In Walchester, K, Kinsley, Z, Forsdick, C (ed) Travel Writing: 100 Keywords, pp.unknown-unknown.

Armstrong, C (2016) Teaching slavery in a global context: some pedagogical themes and problems. In Slavery: Past, Present and Future, © Interdisciplinary Press,ISBN: 9781848883994.

Armstrong, C (2016) Painful histories: the challenges of teaching slavery in the university classroom. In Slavery, Brill.

Armstrong, C and Priyadarshini, J (2016) Introduction. In Slavery: Past, Present and Future, © Inter-Disciplinary.Net.,ISBN: 978-1-84888-399-4.

Armstrong, CM (2014) “Chapter 1 Communicating within academia”. In Daly, I and Haney, AB (ed) 53 Interesting Ways to Communicate Your Research (Professional and Higher Education), Professional and Higher Partnerships Series.

Armstrong, C (2011) Reaction to the 1622 Virginia Massacre: an early history of transatlantic print. In Books Between Europe and the Americas, © Palgrave MacMillan,ISBN: 9780230285675.

Armstrong, CM (2010) ‘“Boiled and stewed with roots and herbs”: everyday tales of cannibalism in Early Modern Virginia. In Walker, G and McShane-Jones, A (ed) The Extraordinary and the Everyday in Early Modern England, Palgrave Macmillan,ISBN: 9780230537248.

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