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Journal Articles

Ito-Jaeger, S, Vallejos, EP, Curran, T, Spors, V, Long, Y, Liguori, A, Warwick, M, Wilson, M, Crawford, P (2021) Digital video interventions and mental health literacy among young people: a scoping review, Journal of Mental Health, ISSN: 0963-8237. DOI: 10.1080/09638237.2021.1922642.

Wilson, M (2021) Review of Liars, Damn Liars & Storytellers by Joseph Sobol, Storytelling, Self, Society, ISSN: 1550-5340.

Wilson, M (2021) Crime fiction and the Grand-Guignol: natural bedfellows?, CADS, 85, pp.11-15, ISSN: 0965-6561.

Liguori, A, McEwen, L, Blake, J, Wilson, M (2021) Towards ‘Creative Participatory Science’: Exploring future scenarios through specialist drought science and community storytelling, Frontiers in Environmental Science, 8, 589856, ISSN: 2296-665X. DOI: 10.3389/fenvs.2020.589856.

Wilson, M (2020) Michael Gilbert, Playwright, Crime and Detective Stories (CADS), (84), pp.17-20, ISSN: 0965-6561.

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Wilson, M (2019) A succession of dialogues: François-Marie Luzel and his contribution to the Breton folktale, Book 2.0, 9(1-2), pp.121-129, ISSN: 2042-8022. DOI: 10.1386/btwo_00011_1.

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Mahoney, J, Moignan, EL, Long, K, Wilson, M, Barnett, J, Vines, J, Lawson, S (2019) Feeling alone among 317 million others: Disclosures of loneliness on Twitter, Computers in Human Behavior, 98, pp.20-30, ISSN: 0747-5632. DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2019.03.024.

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Wilson, M (2018) Some thoughts on storytelling, science and dealing with a post-truth world, Storytelling, Self, Society, 12(1), ISSN: 1550-5340. DOI: 10.13110/storselfsoci.13.1.0120.

Vasileiou, K, Barnett, J, Barreto, M, Atkinson, M, Vines, J, Wilson, M, Lawson, S (2017) Experiencing and Articulating Situational Loneliness: A Qualitative Study With Three Case Communities in the UK, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUALITATIVE METHODS, 16(1), ISSN: 1609-4069.

Wilson, M (2017) Luzel’s ghosts: The unfinished business of translating folktales for performance, Book 2.0, 7(2), pp.159-168, ISSN: 2042-8022. DOI: 10.1386/btwo.7.2.159_1.

Wilson, M (2017) The miller and his seigneur, Book 2.0, 7(2), pp.203-208, ISSN: 2042-8022. DOI: 10.1386/btwo.7.2.203_7.

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Wilson, M (2014) "Another fine mess": the condition of storytelling in the digital age, Narrative Culture, 1(2), pp.125-144, ISSN: 2169-0235. DOI: 10.13110/narrcult.1.2.0125.

Hand, RJ and Wilson, M (2012) Transatlantic terror! French horror theater and American pre-code comics, JOURNAL OF POPULAR CULTURE, 45(2), pp.301-319, ISSN: 0022-3840. DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-5931.2012.00926.x.

Wilson, M (2008) Tale-enders: Gathering the Oral Narrative Heritage of Welsh Cricket, International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, 1(3), pp.83-90, ISSN: 1835-2014.

Wilson, M and Double, O (2008) “I am a Poor, Skinny Man”: Persona and physicality in the work of Karl Valentin, Studies in Theatre and Performance, 28(3), pp.213-221, ISSN: 1468-2761.

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Liguori, A, McEwen, L, Wilson, M (Accepted for publication) Co-designing an online ‘Utility Tool’ to bridge science and community knowledge through storytelling [Abstract]. In MeCCSA 2020: Media Interactions and Environments, Brighton.

Liguori, A, Wilson, M, McEwen, L, Roberts, L (2019) Learning around ‘storying water’ to build an evidence base to support better decision-making in UK drought risk management. In About Drought. Drought and Water Scarcity: addressing current and future challenges, University of Oxford.

Bakewell, L, Vasileiou, K, Long, K, Atkinson, M, Rice, H, Barreto, M, Barnett, J, Wilson, M, Lawson, S, Vines, J (2018) Everything we do, everything we press: Data-driven remote performance management in a mobile workplace. In Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings,, ISBN: 9781450356206. DOI: 10.1145/3173574.3173945.

Vasileiou, K, Barnett, J, Barreto, M, Atkinson, M, Vines, J, Wilson, M, Lawson, S (2017) Experiencing and Articulating Situational Loneliness: A Qualitative Study With Three Case Communities in the UK. In , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUALITATIVE METHODS, pp.42-42.

Long, K, Bakewell, L, McNaney, RC, Vasileiou, K, Atkinson, M, Barreto, M, Barnett, J, Wilson, M, Lawson, S, Vines, J (2017) Connecting those that care: Designing for transitioning, talking, belonging and escaping. In , Denver, CO, USA, pp.1339-1351, ISBN: 9781450346559. DOI: 10.1145/3025453.3025715.

Wilson, M (2014) "Johnny I Want My Liver Back”: revisiting a teenage folktale in the digital age. In , Lisbon.

Wilson, M and Lewis, K (2013) Discussing the weather: digital stories, communities and the climate change conversation. In , RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.


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Allard, J, Wilson, M, Bleakley, A (2019) Doctors need safe confessional and cathartic spaces: What we learned from the research project ‘people talking: Digital dialogues for mutual recovery’. In Routledge Handbook of the Medical Humanities, pp.410-418, ISBN: 9780815374619. DOI: 10.4324/9781351241779-41.

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Wilson, M (2017) It's 1922 and at the Munich Kammerspiele Karl Valentin performs Der Christbaumbrettl at Die rote Zibebe. In Double, O, Ainsworth, A, Peacock, L (ed) Popular Performance, Methuen, pp.75-96, ISBN: 9781474247344.

Wilson, M (2014) Le Texte Vivant: le traducteur, le conteur et les contes populaires de François-Marie Luzel. In Vété-Congolo, H (ed) Le conte D’Hier, Aujourd’hui: Oralité at modernité,, L'Harmattan, pp.Not Known-Not Known.

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Liguori, A and Wilson, M (2016) Developing modes of storytelling for public engagement in environmental policy [CONTEXTUAL PDF], Ramsey Rural Museum, Cambridgeshire; Peterborough Museum; BabaDogo, Nairobi, Kenya, 07-06-2016 to 21-09-2019.


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Liguori, A, Kraus, S, Wilson, M, Bakewell, L (Accepted for publication) From Personal To Collective: Singing Water Stories In the UK. Exploring Environmental Narratives Through Digital Storytelling and Songwriting in DRY Project, Chester, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.22783.71844.


Wilson, M and Liguori, A (Accepted for publication) There is Something in the Water.

Wilson, M and Liguori, A (Accepted for publication) Think Water.

Wilson, M, Liguori, A, Kraus, S (Accepted for publication) From Personal to Collective.

Wilson, M, Liguori, A, Warwick, M (Accepted for publication) My Mark: My City.

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