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Journal Articles

Jaillant, L (2021) More data, less process: a user-centered approach to email and born-digital archives, American archivist, 85(2), ISSN: 0360-9081.

Jaillant, L (2021) Diversity and entrepreneurialism: PN Review, feminism and the Arts Council of Great Britain, 1973-1990, Twentieth Century British History, ISSN: 0955-2359. DOI: 10.1093/tcbh/hwab020.

Jaillant, L (2021) Invisible Poetry: Women, Ethnic Minorities and the Forgotten History of Carcanet Magazine, The Review of English Studies: the leading journal of English literature and language, ISSN: 0034-6551. DOI: 10.1093/res/hgaa096.

Jaillant, L (2019) After the digital revolution: Working with emails and born-digital records in literary and publishers’ archives, Archives and Manuscripts, 47(3), pp.285-304, ISSN: 0157-6895. DOI: 10.1080/01576895.2019.1640555.

Jaillant, L (2018) From New York to Shanghai: global modernism, cheap reprint series and copyright, Modernist Cultures, ISSN: 2041-1022. DOI: 10.3366/mod.2018.0197.

Jaillant, L and Martin, AE (2018) Introduction: Global Modernism, Modernist Cultures, 13(1), pp.1-13, ISSN: 2041-1022. DOI: 10.3366/mod.2018.0191.

Jaillant, L (2016) Myth maker: Malcolm Bradbury and the creation of Creative Writing at UEA, New Writing: the international journal for the practice and theory of creative writing, 13(3), pp.350-367, ISSN: 1943-3107. DOI: 10.1080/14790726.2016.1192196.

Jaillant, L (2015) Shucks, we've got glamour girls too! Gertrude Stein, Bennett Cerf and the culture of celebrity, Journal of Modern Literature, 39(1), pp.149-169, ISSN: 0022-281X. DOI: 10.2979/jmodelite.39.1.149.

Jaillant, L (2014) "I'm Afraid I've Got Involved with a Nut": New Faulkner Letters, Southern Literary Journal, 47(1), pp.98-114, ISSN: 0038-4291. DOI: 10.1353/slj.2014.0019.

Jaillant, L (2014) Subversive Middlebrow: The Campaigns to Ban Kathleen Winsor’s in the US and Canada, International Journal of Canadian Studies, 48, pp.33-52, ISSN: 1180-3991. DOI: 10.3138/ijcs.48.33.

Jaillant, L (2014) Rewriting Tarr ten years later: Wyndham Lewis, the Phoenix Library and the domestication of modernism, Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies, 5, pp.1-30.

Jaillant, L (2013) Canonical in the 1930s: Willa Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop in the Modern Library Series, Studies in the Novel, 45(3), pp.476-499, ISSN: 0039-3827.

Jaillant, L (2013) Blurring the Boundaries: Fourteen Great Detective Stories and Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in the Modern Library Series, James Joyce Quarterly, 50(3), pp.767-796, ISSN: 0021-4183. DOI: 10.1353/jjq.2013.0007.

Jaillant, L (2013) “A Fine Old Tale of Adventure”: Beowulf told to the children of the english race, 1898–1908, Children's Literature Association Quarterly, 38(4), pp.399-419, DOI: 10.1353/chq.2013.0055.

Jaillant, L (2011) Sapper, Hodder & Stoughton, and the Popular Literature of the Great War, Book History, 14(1), pp.137-166, DOI: 10.1353/bh.2011.0011.

Jaillant, L (2010) A Masterpiece Ripped from Oblivion: Rediscovered Manuscripts and the Memory of the Holocaust in Contemporary France, Clio, 39(3), pp.359-379, ISSN: 0884-2043.


Jaillant, L (2022) Literary rebels: A history of creative writers in Anglo-American universities, Oxford University Press.

Jaillant, L (Accepted for publication) Archives, Access and Artificial Intelligence Working with Born-Digital and Digitised Archival Collections,ISBN: 9783837655841.

Jaillant, L (ed) (2019) Publishing Modernist Fiction and Poetry, Edinburgh University Press, ISBN: 9781474440806.

Jaillant, L (2017) Cheap Modernism, Edinburgh University Press, ISBN: 9781474417242. DOI: 10.3366/edinburgh/9781474417242.001.0001.

Jaillant, L (2015) Modernism, Middlebrow and the Literary Canon: The Modern Library Series, 1917-1955, Routledge, ISBN: 9781848934931. DOI: 10.4324/9781315654003.


Jaillant, L (2022) Introduction: Literary Rebels: A History of Creative Writers in Anglo-American Universities. In Literary Rebels: A History of Creative Writers in Anglo-American Universities, OUP, pp.12-35.

Jaillant, L (Accepted for publication) Introduction [Archives, Access and Artificial Intelligence]. In Jaillant, L (ed) Archives, Access and Artificial Intelligence Working with Born-Digital and Digitised Archival Collections, Transcript, pp.TBC-TBC, ISBN: 9783837655841.

Jaillant, L (2020) User experience and access to born-digital data produced by publishers: The case of Carcanet Press. In Kirschenbaum, M (ed) Books.Files: Preservation of Digital Assets in the Contemporary Publishing Industry, University of Maryland and the Book Industry Study Group, pp.38-39.

Jaillant, L (2019) Flowers for the living: Crosby Gaige and Modernist Limited Editions. In Publishing Modernist Fiction and Poetry, © the Author. Published by Edinburgh University Press, pp.154-174, ISBN: 9781474440806.

Jaillant, L (2019) Introduction [Publishing Modernist Fiction and Poetry]. In Publishing Modernist Fiction and Poetry, © the Author. Published by Edinburgh University Press, pp.1-14, ISBN: 9781474440806.

Jaillant, L (2018) Ford, book history, and the canon. In The Routledge Research Companion to Ford Madox Ford, © Routledge, pp.61-76, ISBN: 9781472427380.

Jaillant, L (2017) The new publishers of the 1920s. In American Literature in Transition, 1920-1930, © Cambridge University Press (CUP),ISBN: 9781108418218. DOI: 10.1017/9781108289498.022.

Jaillant, L (2017) Pacifist writer, propagandist publisher: Rose Macaulay and Hodder & Stoughton. In Landscapes and Voices of the First World War, Routledge/© Taylor and Francis,ISBN: 9781138079878.

Jaillant, L (2016) “Introductions by Eminent Writers”: T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf in the Oxford World’s Classics Series. In The Book World: Selling and Distributing Literature, 1900-1940, Brill,ISBN: 9789004315860. DOI: 10.1163/9789004315884_005.

Jaillant, L (Accepted for publication) Modernist presses. In Whalan, M (ed) Cambridge History of American Modernism, Cambridge University Press.

Jaillant, L (Accepted for publication) Design thinking, UX and born-digital archives: solving the problem of dark archives closed to users. In Jaillant, L (ed) Archives, Access and Artificial Intelligence: Working with Born-Digital and Digitised Archival Collections, transcript,ISBN: 9783837655841.

Jaillant, L (Accepted for publication) Literature in the electric age. In Hammond, A (ed) Literature and Technology, Cambridge University Press.


Jaillant, L (2019) Exhibition at the John Rylands Library in Manchester, John Rylands Library, Manchester, 1 pieces , 10-10-2019 to 10-03-2020.

Jaillant, L and Kassir, L (2019) Publishing Modernist Fiction and Poetry, Senate House, London, 3 cases pieces , 17-06-2019 to 28-06-2019.

Internet Publications

Jaillant, L (2018) Paul Engle. DOI: 10.1093/anb/9780198606697.013.1603949.

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