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Journal Articles

Brown, K (2021) Invoquer Apollinaire: Le Livre d'artiste comme grimoire, Revue d'histoire littéraire de la France, 121(1), pp.161-175, ISSN: 2105-2689.

Brown, K (2020) Disappearing acts: Fictitious capital, aesthetic atheism, and the artworld, Journal of Visual Art Practice, 19(3), pp.225-240, ISSN: 1470-2029. DOI: 10.1080/14702029.2020.1808336.

Brown, K (2020) When museums meet markets, Journal of Visual Art Practice, 19(3), pp.203-210, ISSN: 1470-2029. DOI: 10.1080/14702029.2020.1811488.

Brown, K (2019) Collage as form and idea in the art criticism of Tristan Tzara, French Studies, 73(4), pp.544-560, ISSN: 0016-1128. DOI: 10.1093/fs/knz180.

Brown, K (2019) Private influence, public goods and the future of art history, Journal for Art Market Studies, 3(1), ISSN: 2511-7602. DOI: 10.23690/jams.v3i1.86.

Brown, K (2019) Review of Carolyn Korsmeyer's Things: In Touch with the Past, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 78(1), pp.109-111, ISSN: 0021-8529.

Brown, K (2019) Review of Claire Barbillon et.al, Parent-Elles: Les femmes artistes au risque de la parentele, Nineteenth-Century French Studies, ISSN: 0146-7891.

Brown, K (2019) Review of Giacomo Losito and Charles J.T. Talar (eds), Modernisme, mystique, mysticismeFrench Studies: a quarterly review, 73(2), pp.316-317, ISSN: 0016-1128.

Brown, K (2018) Degas in pieces: Form and fragment in the late Bather pastels, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, 17(2), ISSN: 1543-1002. DOI: 10.29411/ncaw.2018.17.2.5.

Brown, K (2016) Reframing disaster: word and image in Tacita Dean's The Russian Ending, Journal of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 31, pp.121-145.

Brown, KJ (2015) Against Autobiography: Henri Matisse's Writings on Art, Life Writing, 12(1), pp.43-58, ISSN: 1751-2964.

Brown, K (2014) Touch and vision in Edgar Degas's Darkfield monotypes, Print Quarterly, XXXI(4), pp.395-405, ISSN: 0265-8305.

Brown, K (2014) Egyptian voyages: Gustave Flaubert, Maxime Du Camp, and Fouad Elkoury, History of Photography, 38(2), pp.161-172, ISSN: 0308-7298. DOI: 10.1080/03087298.2014.890391.

Brown, K (2014) Art and epistemic injustice: Ursula Biemann's remote sensing and black sea files, Art and the Public Sphere, 3(1), pp.45-62, ISSN: 2042-793X. DOI: 10.1386/aps.3.1.45_1.

Brown, KJ (2013) Remembering the Occupation: La Mort et les Statues by Pierre Jahan and Jean Cocteau, Forum for Modern Language Studies, 49(3), pp.286-299, ISSN: 1471-6860.

Brown, KJ (2013) Undoing Urban Modernity: Contemporary Art's Confrontation with Waste, European Journal of Cultural Studies, 16(6), pp.678-691, ISSN: 1460-3551.

Brown, K (2010) Nostalgia and identity: Jules Simon’s La Femme du Vingtième Siècle, Memory Studies, 3(3), pp.224-231, ISSN: 1750-6980. DOI: 10.1177/1750698010364814.

Brown, KJ (2010) The Aesthetics of Presence: Looking at Degas's Bathers, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 68(4), pp.331-341, ISSN: 1540-6245.

Brown, KJ (2010) Nostalgia and Identity: Jules Simon and the Twentieth-Century Woman, Memory Studies, 3(3), pp.224-231, ISSN: 1750-6999.

Brown, KJ (2010) Disruption and Delight: Dara Birnbaum's Experiments with Sensory Pleasure, n.paradoxa, 25, pp.5-15, ISSN: 1461-0434.

Brown, KJ (2010) The Artist as Urban Geographer: Mark Bradford and Julie Mehretu, American Art: the journal of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, 24(3), pp.100-113, ISSN: 1549-6503.

Brown, KJ (2009) Tolerating Art in a Liberal Society, The International Journal of Arts in Society, 4(3), pp.155-164.

Brown, KJ (2009) The Book as Object and Event in the Works of John Latham, International Journal of the Book, 6, pp.23-34, ISSN: 1447-9516.

Brown, KJ (2008) Re-Placing Art: Museums and the Street, International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, 1(2), pp.89-96, ISSN: 1835-2014.


Brown, K (2019) Baudelaire, Wittgenstein and the Limits of Sense’, Baudelaire and Philosophy. In Baudelaire and Philosophy, Goldsmiths.


Brown, K (2021) Henri Matisse, Reaktion Books, ISBN: 9781789143812.

Brown, K (2020) The Routledge Companion to Digital Humanities and Art History, Routledge, ISBN: 9781138585584.

Brown, KJ (2017) Matisse's Poets: Critical Performance in the Artist's Book, Bloomsbury Publishing USA, ISBN: 9781501326837.

Brown, K (ed) (2016) Perspectives on Degas, Routledge, ISBN: 9781472439970.

Brown, K (2014) Interactive Contemporary Art Participation in Practice, I.B.Tauris, ISBN: 9781780765518.

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Brown, KJ (2012) Women Readers in French Painting 1870-1890 A Space for the Imagination, Ashgate Publishing, Ltd, ISBN: 9781409408758.


Brown, K (2021) Interactive digital books and interpretive play. In P, K and K, B (ed) La reproduction des images et des textes / The reproduction of images and texts, Brill.

Brown, K and Mitchell, E (2020) Feminist digital art history. In The Routledge Companion to Digital Humanities and Art History, Routledge, pp.43-57, ISBN: 9781138585584.

Brown, K (2020) Introduction [The Routledge Companion to Digital Humanities and Art History]. In The Routledge Companion to Digital Humanities and Art History, Routledge, pp.1-6, ISBN: 9781138585584.

Brown, K (2019) Unfolding the domestic interior: Women, newspapers, and the nineteenth-century city. In Women in the City: French Literature and Culture, University of Wales Press, pp.49-67, ISBN: 9781786834324.

Brown, K (2016) The domestic interior as a tactile space: Jules-Aimé Dalou and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. In Visualizing the Nineteenth-Century Home: Modern Art and the Decorative Impulse, © The Authors. Published by Routledge, pp.0-0, ISBN: 9781472449634.

Brown, KJ (2016) An Anti-Spectacular Art: Degas's Monotypes for La Famille Cardinal. In Hauptmann, J (ed) Degas: A Strange New Beauty (exh. cat.), Museum of Modern Art, pp.122-135.

Brown, K (2016) Photography, building and dwelling: Fiona Tan’s empty house. In Home/Land: Women, Citizenship, Photographies, © Liverpool University Press, pp.0-0, ISBN: 9781781382806.

Brown, K (2016) Introduction [Perspectives on Degas]. In Perspectives on Degas, Routledge, pp.1-14, ISBN: 9781138316140.

Brown, K (2016) Intimacy and exclusion: Degas's illustrations for Ludovic Halevy's La Famille Cardinal. In Perspectives on Degas, Routledge, pp.177-201, ISBN: 9781138316140.

Brown, K (2014) Computer art and the cosmopolitan imagination. In Interactive Contemporary Art: Participation in Practice, I.B. Tauris, pp.37-56, ISBN: 9781780765518.

Brown, K (2014) Renegotiating the West in Joel and Ethan Coen's True Grit. In Law and Popular Culture: International Perspectives, © Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp.253-268, ISBN: 9781443858106.

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Brown, KJ (2013) Influence as Appropriation of the Creative Gesture: Matisse's Poèmes de Charles d'Orléans. In Baldwin, T, Fowler, J, de Medeiros, A (ed) Questions of Influence in Modern European Literature, pp.84-97.

Brown, KJ (2013) Enacting Beauty: Baudelaire, Matisse, and Les Fleurs du mal. In Brown, K (ed) The Art Book Tradition in Twentieth-Century Europe: Picturing Language, Ashgate, pp.31-44.

Brown, KJ (2010) The Spectator as Performer: Degas and the Ethics of Looking. In Watt, D and Dinkgrafe, D (ed) Ethical Encounters: Boundaries of Theatre, Performance and Philosophy, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp.174-185.

Brown, KJ (2010) Reading Bodies: Female Secrecy in the Works of Renoir and Degas. In Hallensleben, M (ed) Performative Body Spaces: Corporeal Topographies in Literature, Theatre, Dance and the Visual Arts, Rodopi, pp.157-168.

Brown, KJ (2008) A Space for the Imagination: Depicting Women Readers in the Nineteenth-Century City. In Periton, D, di Palma, V, Lathouri, M (ed) Intimate Metropolis: Urban Subjects in the Modern City, Routledge, pp.58-71.

Internet Publications

Brown, KJ (2017) Livre d'artiste (Artist's Book).


Brown, KJ (2016) Collecting, Consuming, and Creating: Debunking the Myths of Taste Making in the Contemporary Art World, Christie's, London.

Brown, KJ (2016) Ethics and Interpretative Violence: Matisse’s Unpublished Illustrations for Mallarmé’s ‘L’Après-midi d’un faune’, Society for French Studies Annual Conference, Glasgow University.

Brown, KJ (2016) Tzara et la ‘mythologie moderne’ d’Henri Rousseau, Salon d'Or, Romanian Embassy, Paris.

Brown, KJ (2015) The Art Market as a Knowledge Economy, Christie's, New York.

Brown, KJ (2015) Affective Exclusion: Fiona Tan's Vox Populi Photographs, New York.

Brown, KJ (2014) Unframing History: Fiona Tan's Disorient, University of Heidelberg.

Brown, KJ (2014) Performing Civic Virtue in the Artist's Book: Henri Matisse's Pasiphaé, Antwerp.

Brown, KJ (2014) Reading the City: Women, Newspapers and Nineteenth-Century Urban Life, King's College, London.

Brown, KJ (2013) Exiled from Light: Undoing Pictorial Space in Edgar Degas's Monotypes of the 1880s, Richmond, Virginia.

Brown, KJ (2013) Tactile Pleasure in the Works of Dalou and Renoir, Brussels.


Brown, K (2017) Fouad Elkoury's Suite Egyptienne, Fouad Elkoury's Suite Egyptienne.

Brown, K (2016) Ink Remix: Contemporary Art from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, curated by Sophie McIntyre [Exhibition Review], Ink Remix: Contemporary Art from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, curated by Sophie McIntyre [Exhibition Review]. DOI: 10.1386/jcs.5.1.125_5.

Brown, KJ (2015) (Book review) Ara H. Merjian, Giorgio Di Chirico and the Metaphysical City: Nietzche, Modernism, Paris.

Brown, KJ (2015) (Book review) Markus Müller (ed), Camille Pissarro: Mit den Augen eines Impressionisten.

Brown, KJ (2013) (Book review) Albert Boime, Revelation of Modernism: Responses to Cultural Crises in Fin-de-siècle Painting.

Brown, KJ (2012) (Book review) Berys Gaut, A Philosophy of Cinematic Art.

Brown, KJ (2012) (Book review) Stephanie d'Alessandro and John Elderfield, Matisse, Radical Invention: 1913-1917.

Brown, KJ (2009) Picasso et les maîtres at the Grand Palais, Paris (Exhibition Review).

Brown, KJ (2009) Échappées nordiques: Scandinavian and Finnish Artists at the Palais des Beaux-Arts: Lille (Exhibition review).

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