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Journal Articles

Featherstone, K (2019) “Picnics with the Mujaheddin”: Paratexts and personal motivation in travel writing about Afghanistan, Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing, 20(2), pp.1-19, ISSN: 1465-2609. DOI: 10.3167/jys.2019.200201.

Featherstone, K (2013) Guilty: Poetry As Unreliable Translation, American, British and Canadian Studies, 20, pp.239-248, ISSN: 1841-1487.

Featherstone, K (2013) Four Loire Journeys, Coldnoon: Journal of Travel Poetics, 2(3), pp.29-33, ISSN: 2278-9650.

Featherstone, K (2011) Chatwin Among the Writers, Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing, 12(2), pp.98-100, ISSN: 1465-2609.

Featherstone, K (2005) A Problematic Subject: Afghanistan in Two Contemporary Travel Accounts, Revue electronique d'etudes sur le monde anglophone, 3(1).

Featherstone, K (2001) "Everything Fitted into a Suitcase": Possessions and Nomadism in Chatwin's the Songlines, Studies in Travel Writing, 5(2001), pp.83-105, ISSN: 1364-5145.

Featherstone, K (2000) Nicholas Shakespeare, Chatwin; and Winding Paths: Photographs by Bruce Chatwin, Studies in Travel Writing, 4(2000), p.36, ISSN: 1364-5145.


Featherstone, K (2017) Rural sites: transformations and experiment in the poetry of Mark Goodwin. In The English Countryside: Representations, Identities, Mutations, Palgrave Macmillan (© The Author), pp.241-161, ISBN: 9783319532721. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-53273-8_11.

Featherstone, K (2003) Biographical essay on Bruce Chatwin. In Jennifer Speake, (ed) Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopaedia (Vol 2), Fitzroy Dearborn, pp.232-233, ISBN: 9781579582470.


Featherstone, K (2019) Jonathan and Carl at the Battle of Maldon, January 2019.

Featherstone, K (2019) Lear Masala at Watermead, January 2019.


Featherstone, K (2013) Poetry Reading, Galerie BAL, Paris, 22-03-2013 to 22-03-2013.


Featherstone, K (2020) Landscape Poetics Portfolio (REF Submission).

Featherstone, K (2015) We Are Still Young.

Featherstone, K (2015) I Took Notes.

Featherstone, K (2015) Notes from the dividing line, Notes from the dividing line.

Featherstone, K (2015) My Last Night at the Hotel.

Featherstone, K (2015) What We Know.

Featherstone, K (2012) Currents.

Featherstone, K (2012) Cherry Tree/Cerisier.

Featherstone, K (2012) Five Poems from Ingrid Thobois' novel 'Le roi d'Afghanistan ne nous a pas maries.

Featherstone, K (2010) I Need The Owl: Poetry and the Visual, Short essay online.

Featherstone, K (2009) In a Different Light, Four poems written by K Featherstone included in catalogue of photographs by Zoe Childerley.

Featherstone, K (2009) Erbacce, four poems.

Featherstone, K (2009) The Journal (formerly of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry), four poems writtten by K Featherstone invited for publication after performance at Polyverse 2009.

Featherstone, K (2009) Recording of poems for poetcasting.com (Arts Council funded), four poems on poetcasting.com.

Featherstone, K, Clayton, N, Goodwin, M, Tyler Bennett, D, Mather, J, Utting, V (2008) Words and Things: Writing Creatively from Objects and Art.

Featherstone, K (2008) In a Different Light, four poems written by K Featherstone included in an exhibition of photographs by Zoe Childerley published in 2009. I Need The Owl: Poetry and the Visual, a short online essay published in August 2010.

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