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Journal Articles

Cooke, J (2020) The pregnant uncanny, The Oxford Literary Review, 42(2), pp.171-174, ISSN: 0305-1498. DOI: 10.3366/olr.2020.0312.

Canavan, G, Cooke, J, Edwards, C (2020) Apocalypse now: Covid-19 and the SF imaginary, Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction, 49(2), ISSN: 0306-4964.

Cooke, J (2016) The violations of empathy, New Formations: a journal of culture/theory/politics, 89/90, pp.153-169, ISSN: 0950-2378. DOI: 10.3898/NEWF:89/90.09.2016.

Cooke, JA (2014) 'The Poet in British Protest (2010-2013), Tripwire: A Journal of Poetics, 7, pp.107-120.

Cooke, JA (2013) Special Issue: Challenging Intimacies: Legacies of Psychoanalysis, Textual Practice, 27(6), pp.943-1068, ISSN: 0950-236X. DOI: 10.1080/0950236X.2013.830817.

Cooke, JA and Berlant, L (2013) ‘Politics, Teaching, Art and Writing: An Interview with Lauren Berlant’, Textual Practice, 27(6), pp.961-970.

Cooke, JA (2013) Intimacy, the Good Life and Instructive Psychoanalytic Errors, Textual Practice: an international journal of radical literary studies, 27(6), pp.943-960.

Cooke, JA (2012) Dorothy Richardson, Queer Theorist, Pilgrimages: The Journal of Dorothy Richardson Studies, 4, pp.1-16.

Cooke, JA (2012) Poem: Snapped Songs of Velleitie, Vlak: Contemporary Poetics and the Arts, 3, pp.267-267.

Cooke, JA (2012) Poems: 'Fishloaf' and 'The Second Hand', The Other Room Anthology, 4, pp.33-35.

Cooke, JA (2012) Poems: 'Mix Tapping', 'Lost / Found, Leicester to London 23/11/2011' and 'H2O Falling, or, sestina evaporation', Half Circle, 4, pp.11-15.

Cooke, JA (2011) The Risks of Intimate Writing: Loving and Dreaming with Helene Cixous, Angelaki, 16(2), pp.3-18, ISSN: 0969-725X. DOI: 10.1080/0969725X.2011.591581.

Cooke, JA (2011) Review of Hélène Cixous, Zero’s Neighbour: Samuel Beckett, Oxford Literary Review, 33(2), pp.265-266.

Cooke, JA (2010) Review of Mark Pizatto, Theatres of Human Sacrifice: From Ancient Ritual to Screen for Performing Ethos 1:1 (2010): 213, Performing Ethos, 1(1), pp.116-119.

Cooke, JA (2009) Review of Sarah Dillon, The Palimpsest, Forum for Modern Language Studies, 45(4), pp.475-475.

Cooke, JA (2008) Katherine Mansfield's Ventriloquism and the Faux-Ecstasy of All Manner of Flora, LIT: Literature, Interpretation, Theory, 19(1), pp.79-94, ISSN: 1043-6928.

Cooke, JA (2008) Dreaming Plague and Plaguing Dreams: The Teachings of Psychoanalysis, Textual Practice, 22(3), pp.433-452, ISSN: 0950-236X. DOI: 10.1080/09502360802271454.

Cooke, JA (2008) Brushing Thinking Against the Grain: Walter Benjamin and the Potentialities of Art and History, Studies in Social and Political Thought, 8, pp.19-34.

Cooke, JA (2007) Poems: ‘Carcinogeneticide’ and ‘Drinking It In’, Quid, 18, pp.38-43.

Cooke, JA (2006) Poems: 'A-R-T-C-H-O-K-E' and 'Engaged', Succour, 3, pp.9-11.

Cooke, JA (2006) Review of Screening the Gothic by Lisa Hopkins, Textual Practice, 20(3), pp.549-551.

Cooke, JA (2006) Shopping Around: Stuart Calton’s United Snap Up, Quid, 16, pp.31-38.


Cooke, J (2020) The New Feminist Literary Studies, Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 9781108471930.

Cooke, J (2020) Contemporary feminist life-writing: the new audacity, Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 9781108489911. DOI: 10.1017/9781108779692.

Cooke, JA (2013) Scenes of Intimacy: Reading, Writing and Theorizing Contemporary Literature, Bloomsbury, ISBN: 978-1-4411-0726-8.

Cooke, JA (2012) *Not Suitable for Domestic Sublimation, Contraband Press.

Cooke, JA (2009) Legacies of Plague in Literature, Theory and Film, Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN: 978-0230219342.


Cooke, J (2020) Feminist manuals and manifestos in the twenty-first century. In Cooke, J (ed) The New Feminist Literary Studies, Cambridge University Press, pp.194-207, ISBN: 9781108471930. DOI: 10.1017/9781108599504.015.

Cooke, JA (2015) ‘The Writings of Intimacy: Theories of Affect, Emotion and Relationality’. In Wolfreys, J (ed) Introducing Criticism at the Twenty-first Century 2nd Ed, Edinburgh University Press, pp.9-36.

Cooke, JA and Royle, NWO (2013) ‘A New Literary Intimacy: An Interview with Nicholas Royle’. In Cooke, JA (ed) Scenes of Intimacy: Reading, Writing and Theorising Contemporary Intimacy, Bloomsbury Academic, pp.23-34.

Cooke, JA (2013) Towards an Anatomy of Contemporary Literary Intimacy. In Cooke, JA (ed) Scenes of Intimacy: Reading, Writing and Theorising Contemporary Intimacy, Bloomsbury Academic, pp.3-21, ISBN: 978-1441107268.

Cooke, JA (2012) Sean's Four Letter'd Words. In Crisis Enquiry, pp.27-28.

Cooke, JA (2012) Poems: Extract from Steel Girdered Her Musical: In Several Parts. In Corkish, A (ed) In the Company of Ghosts: The Poetics of the Motorway, pp.160-161.

Cooke, JA (2012) Poem: 'Artsmear Again'. In Burnhope, M, Crewe, S, Mayer, S (ed) Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot, English Pen, pp.35-36.

Cooke, JA and Cooke, JA (2011) Literature and Creative Writing. In Wolfreys, J (ed) The English Literature Companion, Palgrave Macmillan, pp.21-24.

Cooke, JA (2009) Writing Plague: Transforming Narrative, Witnessing and History. In Twohig, EBP and Kalitzkus, V (ed) The Tapestry of Health, Illness and Disease, Rodopi Press, pp.21-42, ISBN: 9042025158.

Cooke, JA (2007) The laughter of narcissism: Loving 'Hot White Andy' and the troubling chain of equivalence. In Purves, R and Ladkin, SE (ed) Complicities: British Poetry 1945-2007, Litteraria Pragensia, pp.323-340, ISBN: 978-80-7308-194-2.

Cooke, JA (2006) Ivan Turgenev 'Fathers and Sons', Knut Hamsun 'The Growth of the Soil', Gertrude Stein 'The Making of Americans', Andre Breton 'Arcanum 17', Italo Calvino 'The Path to the Nest of Spiders', Clarice Lispector 'The Passion According to G. H.', Patrick Suskind 'The Pigeon', E. L. Doctorow 'Billy Bathgate', and Marina Walker 'Indigo'. In Boxall, PE (ed) 1001 Books You Should Read Before You Die, Quintet, London, 149, 277, 310 ., ISBN: 0733316549.

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