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Journal Articles

Bowditch, C and Hobby, E (2022) Aphra Behn's adaptations: Paper and stage sources for The Rover (1677) and Sir Patient Fancy (1678), Huntington Library Quarterly, 85(1), pp.131-150, ISSN: 0018-7895. DOI: 10.1353/hlq.2022.0007.

Read, S (2020) “Not knowing the disease you”ll miss the cure”. Considering prose fiction published in Aphra Behn’s name in a medical context, Women's Writing, 27(3), pp.361-376, ISSN: 0969-9082. DOI: 10.1080/09699082.2020.1748818.

Gill, C (2020) The Bible and its exegesis in Aphra Behn’s “An essay on translated prose” (1688), Women's Writing, 27(3), pp.310-324, ISSN: 0969-9082. DOI: 10.1080/09699082.2020.1748810.

Bowditch, C and Hobby, E (2020) Aphra Behn’s 350th Anniversary and Some Radical Re-imaginings, Women's Writing, 27(3), pp.265-274, ISSN: 0969-9082. DOI: 10.1080/09699082.2020.1748806.

Gill, C (Accepted for publication) The Bible and its Exegesis in Aphra Behn’s “An Essay on Translated Prose” (1688), Women's Writing, 27, ISSN: 0969-9082.

Hobby, EA and Bowditch, C (2014) Introduction: Aphra Behn, New Questions and Contexts, Women's Writing, 22(1), pp.1-12, ISSN: 0969-9082. DOI: 10.1080/09699082.2014.941178.

Hobby, EA (2013) Approaches to Teaching Behn's Oroonoko, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theater Research, 28(2), pp.121-123, ISSN: 0034-5822.

Hobby, EA (2012) 'The World Was Never without Some Mad Men': Aphra Behn, Jane Sharp and the Body, Women's Writing, 19(2), pp.177-191, ISSN: 0969-9082. DOI: 10.1080/09699082.2011.646862.

Hobby, EA (2011) '"As melancholy as a sick parrot": Depressed(?) Women at the Beginning of the Long Eighteenth Century', Studies in the Literary Imagination, 44(2), pp.23-40, ISSN: 0039-3819.

Hobby, EA (2008) 'Dreams and Plain Dotage': The Value of The Birth of Mankind (1540-1654), Essays and Studies: Special Number on Literature and Science, ed. by Sharon Ruston, 61, pp.35-52, ISSN: 0071-1357.

Gill, CJ and Hobby, EA (2004) Hester Biddle, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Hobby, EA (2001) Delight in a singularity: Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, in 1671', Inbetween: Essays and Studies in Literary Criticism, Margaret Cavendish (1623-73), 9(1 and 2), pp.41-62, ISSN: 0971-9474.

Hobby, EA (2001) 'Secrets of the Female sex': Jane Sharp, the reproductive female body, and early-modern midwifery manuals', Women's Writing, 8(2), pp.201-12, ISSN: 0969-9082.

Hobby, EA (1999) Winstanley, the Diggers and Women, Prose Studies, pp.61-72.

Hobby, EA (1999) No stolen object, but her own: Aphra Behn's Rover and Thomas Killigrew's Thomaso, Women's Writing, 6(1), pp.113-27, ISSN: 0969-9082.

Hobby, EA (1995) Review of Emma Donoghue, Passions Between Women: British Lesbian culture 1668-1801, Scarlet Press, London, 1993, and Rothblum, E.D. and K.D. Brehony (eds) Boston Marriages: romantic but asexual relationships among contemporary Lesbians, Journal of Gender Studies: An international forum for the debate on gender in all fields of study, 4(1), pp.86-88, ISSN: 0958-9236.

Overton, WJ and Hobby, EA (1994) There is not space for Margaret Cavendish and Dryden: higher education teaching of the period 1640-1700, Women's Writing: The Elizabethan to Victorian Period, 1(3), pp.257-275, ISSN: 0969-9082.

Hobby, EA (1994) Women, Texts and Histories 1575-1760, Journal of Gender Studies, 3(2), p.244.

Hobby, EA and Overton, WJ (1994) There is not space for Margaret Cavendish and Dryden: higher education teaching 1640-1700, Women's Writing: the Elizabethan to Victorian period, 1(3), pp.257-275, ISSN: 0969-9082.

Hobby, EA (1994) Handmaids of the Lord and Mothers in Israel: Early Vindictions of Quaker Women's Prophecy, Prose Studies: History, Theory, Criticism, 17(3), pp.88-98, ISSN: 0144-0357.


Gill, and Hobby, (2013) This I Warn You in Love, The Kindlers, ISBN: 978-0-9562245-5-2.

Hobby, EA (ed) (2009) The Birth of Mankind: Otherwise Named, The Woman's Book Newly Set forth, Corrected, and Augmented. Whose Contents Ye May Read in the Table of the Book, and Most Plainly in the Prologue, Ashgate, ISBN: 9780754638186.

Hobby, EA (ed) (1999) The Midwives Book, Or the Whole Art of Midwifry Discovered, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0 19 508653 8.

Hobby, EA (ed) (1999) The Midwives Book, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0 19 508652 X.

CD Objects

Hobby, EA (2002) 'Romantic Love - Poetry,Gale Research.


Hobby, E (2024) ‘What need has she to think of Heaven upon her Wedding-day?’: Aphra Behn, hypocrisy, and the Puritan tradition. In Harris, J and Searle, A (ed) The Puritan Literary Tradition, Oxford University Press, pp.147-163, ISBN: 9780198838876.

Hobby, E (2021) “Augustus Reigns, but Poets still are low”: Aphra Behn’s world in The Emperor of the Moon (1687). In Hammons, PS and Siegfried, BR (ed) World-Making Renaissance Women: Rethinking Early Modern Women's Place in Literature and Culture, Cambridge University Press, pp.199-212, ISBN: 9781108831154. DOI: 10.1017/9781108923385.013.

Hobby, E (2021) Women, religion and early-modern life cycles. In Bowden, C, Vine, E, Whitehouse, T (ed) Religion and Life Cycles in Early Modern England, Manchester University Press,ISBN: 9781526149237.

Hobby, EA (2014) Afterword. In Howard, WS (ed) An Collins and the Historical Imagination, Ashgate, pp.191-200, ISBN: 9781472418470.

Hobby, E (2014) Early-modern Midwifery Manuals and Herbal Practice. In Critical Approaches to the History of Western Herbal Medicine, Bloomsbury Publishing, pp.67-86, ISBN: 9781441184184.

Hobby, EA (2012) Hester Biddle. In Taylor, MA and Choi, A (ed) Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters, Baker Books,ISBN: 9781441238672.

Hobby, EA (2010) 'Some Things More Material to be Known': Reading Some Books for the Recovery Project. In Paul Salzman, (ed) Expanding the Canon of Early Modern Women's Writing, Cambridge Scholars, pp.12-32, ISBN: 9781443823227.

Hobby, EA (2007) "To God Alone Be All Praise and Glory: or "Serving My Own Sex First": Nicholas Culpeper, Jane Sharp, and the Restoration Midwifery Manual. In Cuder-Dominguez, EP and al, E (ed) The Female Wits: Women and Gender in Restoration Literature and Culture, Universidad de Huelva, Huelva, pp.249-63, ISBN: 84 95699 69 9.

Hobby, EA (2004) Hannah Wolley, A Supplement to the Queen-like Closet (1674-75)'. In Ostovich, H and Sauer, EE (ed) Reading Early Modern Women: An Anthology of Texts in Manuscript and Print, 1550-1700, Routledge, pp.122-3, ISBN: 04 1596 6469.

Hobby, EA (2003) Yarhound, Horrion, and the Horse-Headed Tarter: editing Jane Sharp. In Binhammer, K and Wood, JE (ed) The Midwives Book (1671)', in Women and Literary History: 'For there she was',, Delaware University Press and Associated University Presses, pp.27-42, ISBN: 0874 138248.

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Hobby, EA (2002) Gender, science and midwifery: Jane Sharp, The Midwives Book (1671). In Jowitt, C and Watt, D (ed) The Arts of Seventeenth-Century Science: Representations of the Natural World in European and North American Culture, Ashgate, pp.146-59, ISBN: 0754604179.

Hobby, EA (2001) Prophecy, enthusiasm and female pamphleteers. In Keeble, NH (ed) The Cambridge Companion to Writing of the English Revolution, Cambridge University Press, pp.162-180, ISBN: 0 521 64522 0.

Hobby, EA (2001) 'The head of this counterfeit Yard is called Tertigo; or, 'it is not hard words that perform the work': Recovering early-modern women's writing. In Salzman, P and Wallwork, J (ed) Women Writing 1550-1750, Meridian, pp.13-23, ISBN: 0 9578971 0 3.

Hobby, EA (2001) 'The head of this counterfeit Yard is called Tertigo'; or 'it is not hard words that perform the work': Recovering early-modern women's writing. In Salzman, P and Wallwork, JE (ed) Women Writing 1550-1750, Meridian, pp.13-23.

Hobby, EA (2001) 'The Head of the Counterfeit Yard is called Tertigo' or, 'It is not hard words that perform the work': Recovering Early-Modern Women's Writing. In Wallwork, J and Salzman, PE (ed) Women Writing 1550-1750, Meridian, pp.13-23, ISBN: 0957897103.

Hobby, EA (2000) Winstanley, women the the family. In Bradstock, A (ed) Winstanley and the Diggers 1649-1999, Frank Cass, pp.61-72, ISBN: 0 7146 51052.

Hobby, EA (2000) Writing Religion: Nonconformists. In Woods, S and Hannay, MPE (ed) Teaching Tudor and Stuart Women Writers, Modern Languages Association, pp.99-103, ISBN: 0 87352 346 6.

Hobby, EA (1999) Come to live a preaching life: female community in seventeenth-century radical sects. In D'Monte, R and Pohl, N (ed) Female Communities 1600-1800: Literary Visions and Cultural Realities, Macmillan and St. Martin's Press, pp.76-92, ISBN: 0 19508653 8.

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Hobby, EA (1991) "Katherine Philips: Seventeenth-Century Lesbian Poet". In Hobby, EA and White, CE (ed) What Lesbians Do in Books, The Women's Press, pp.183-204, ISBN: 0-7043-4288-X.

Internet Publications

Hobby, E (2018) The Rover: An Introduction.

Hobby, E (Accepted for publication) Canterbury's Aphra Behn: Data Management Plan.

Scholarly Editions

Behn, A, Aughterson, K, Hogarth, AJ, Pacheco, A, Rubik, M, Bowditch, C (2021) The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Aphra Behn: Plays 1682-1696, volume IV, Cambridge University Press.

John, LH (2016) The Collected Verse of John, Lord Hervey (1696-1743), Cambridge University Press.


Hobby, EA (2015) Women's Writing Journal Special Number.

Hobby, EA (2007) Guest editorship of journal special issue 'Prose of the Long Restoration (1650-1737)'.

Hobby, EA (1998) Helen Wilcox, ed. Women and Literature in Britain, 1500-1700.

Hobby, EA (1996) `Message to the world: Hear the Word of the Lord: A critical study of Quaker women's writing, 1650-1700 by Rosemary Foxton'.

Hobby, EA (1996) `A Blazing New World: Margaret Cavendish' in Spinning with the Brain: Women's Writing in the 17th Century, BBC Education.

Hobby, EA (1995) Seventeenth-Century Women's Lives, Radio 4 "Womens Hour".

Hobby, EA (1995) Margaret J.M.Ezell, Writing Women's Literary History, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore and London, 1993.

Hobby, EA (1995) Rosemary Foxton, 'Hear the Word of the Lord': A Critical and Bibliographical Study of Quaker Women's Writing, 1650-1700, The Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand, Melbourne, 1994.

Hobby, EA (1994) `Now you see her'.

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