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Journal Articles

Harland, RG and Liguori, A (2019) Designing the Latina landscape: Graphic images of Italian Fascism, Journal of Urban Design, 25(3), pp.350-368, ISSN: 1357-4809. DOI: 10.1080/13574809.2019.1638237.

Hani, M, Bernabei, R, Liguori, A (2019) The Good Hearts Model (GHM): an investigation into the extension of animation therapy; the GHM method with digital storytelling and jewellery, Animation Studies, 14, ISSN: 1930-1928.

Harland, RG, Liguori, A, Cole, G (2018) Developing a digital archive for symbolic resources in urban environments - the Latina Project, International Journal of Digital Curation, 12(2), pp.136-145, ISSN: 1746-8256. DOI: 10.2218/ijdc.v12i2.511.

Liguori, A (2007) La bonifica umana (1932-1943). Aspetti sociali della trasformazione dell’agro pontino, Ricerche Storiche, A. XXXVI(N. 3, September-December 2006), 2, ISSN: 0392-162X.

Liguori, A (2003) L'occhio del regime sulla Grande guerra: l'Istituto Luce tra informazione, memoria e propaganda, Dimensioni e Problemi della Ricerca Storica, (2), pp.109-146, ISSN: 1125-517X.


Liguori, A, McEwen, L, Wilson, M (Accepted for publication) Co-designing an online ‘Utility Tool’ to bridge science and community knowledge through storytelling [Abstract]. In MeCCSA 2020: Media Interactions and Environments, Brighton.

Liguori, A, Wilson, M, McEwen, L, Roberts, L (2019) Learning around ‘storying water’ to build an evidence base to support better decision-making in UK drought risk management. In About Drought. Drought and Water Scarcity: addressing current and future challenges, University of Oxford.

Liguori, A and Rapp.ort, P (2018) Digital storytelling in cultural and heritage education: Reflecting on storytelling practices applied with the Smithsonian Learning Lab to enhance 21st-century learning. In Digital Storytelling Conference “Current Trends in Digital Storytelling: Research & Practices”, Zakynthos, Greece.

Harland, RG, Liguori, A, Cole, G (2017) Developing a digital archive for symbolic resources in urban environments - the Latina Project. In 12th International Digital Curation Conference, Edinburgh.

Harland, RG and Liguori, A (2016) Traces of fascist urban iconography in the Latina Province, Italy. In International Association for Media and Communication Research, University of Leicester.


Liguori, A (2012) Luce su Littoria 1932-1944. Aspetti sociali della bonifica nell'Agro pontino, Ali di Pan, ISBN: 978-8890829611.


Liguori, A (2020) Unlocking contested stories and grassroots knowledge. In Trifonas, PP (ed) Handbook of Theory and Research in Cultural Studies and Education, Springer, pp.465-479, ISBN: 9783319569871. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-56988-8_35.

Liguori, A and Bakewell, L (2019) Digital storytelling in cultural and heritage education: A pilot study as part of the ‘DICHE’ project. In Poce, A (ed) Advanced Studies in Museum Education, ESI - Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, pp.63-78, ISBN: 9788849539011.

Bakewell, L, Liguori, A, Wilson, M (2018) From Gallura to the Fens: Communities Performing Stories of Water. In Roberts, L and Phillips, K (ed) Water, Creativity and Meaning: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Human Water Relationships, Routledge, pp.Not yet known-Not yet known, ISBN: 978-1-138-087668.

Liguori, A (2011) Ceto dirigente e situazione economica in provincia di Latina. Approccio alle fonti dell'Archivio di Gabinetto della Prefettura (1953-1962). In Il ceto politico del Lazio nell'Italia repubblicana . Dinamiche della rappresentanza e costruzione del consenso (1946-1963), Franco Angeli, pp.3-256, ISBN: 9788856838541.

Digital/Visual Products

Rowland, D (2016) DICHE WebApp.


Liguori, A, Wilson, M, Kraus, S (2016) ‘The Reasons’ in the Fens: Stories, dialogues and songs from a utopian practice of conflict resolution, London.

Liguori, A, Wilson, M, Corner, A (2016) ‘My true UK drought risk story’: The role of storytelling to understand (mis)conceptions and beliefs that drive behaviours, Brighton.

Liguori, A and Roberts, L (2015) “Thinking in systems”: digital storytelling, knowledge hierarchies and environmental narratives, Brighton.

Liguori, A and Roberts, L (2015) Digital storytelling and place-attachment: a ‘lens’ through which to analyse people’s values in the Drought Risk and You (DRY) Project, Derby.

Liguori, A (2014) KVALUES Project: a bridge between lifelong learning and new job opportunities, Barcelona (ES).

Liguori, A, Kraus, S, Wilson, M, Bakewell, L (Accepted for publication) From Personal To Collective: Singing Water Stories In the UK. Exploring Environmental Narratives Through Digital Storytelling and Songwriting in DRY Project, Chester, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.22783.71844.


Liguori, A and Bellis, S (Accepted for publication) Digital Storytelling in Education.


Graham, H and Liguori, A (2014) Digital storytelling as decision making process. An informal conversation between Helen Graham and Antonia Liguori about the power of a personal story and the public domain, This is not a conventional paper. Instead it is the form of a conversation between Helen Graham and Antonia Liguori, reflecting on events they participated in for the Enkdist project. The first was a workshop facilitated by Helen Graham at the international conference of Digital Storytelling in Ankara (May 2013). The second was organised by Antonia Liguori in Rome (September 2013) where the Enkdist project involved - as a specific target group - people who work in museums and cultural institutions. This informal conversation is a dialogic reflection about the digital storytelling as a learning process, with the aim of pinpointing some desirable ways for the facilitator to interact with people involved in a workshop. And the starting point – as sometimes happens in that kind of conversation, when one is in the shoes of the facilitator and the other one of the storyteller – is a clear provocation.

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