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Journal Articles

Norwood, T (2022) "Love as it is manifested in institutions": reflections on the art and science of bereavement care in the neonatal ward, Pediatric E-Journal: Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care, (67: Bereavement), pp.3-4.

Norwood, T (2021) Something good enough, The Lancet, 398(10318), pp.2305-2306, ISSN: 0140-6736. DOI: 10.1016/s0140-6736(21)02690-8.

Norwood, T and Boulton, J (2021) Reconciling the uniquely embodied grief of perinatal death: a narrative approach, Religions, 12(11), 976, ISSN: 2077-1444. DOI: 10.3390/rel12110976.

Norwood, T (2021) Anhydramnios: birth, death, and drawing breath, Tendon: Medical Humanities Creative Journal of the Johns Hopkins Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine, (4: Breath).

Norwood, T (2021) Metaphor and neonatal death: how stories can help when a baby dies at birth, Life Writing, 18(1), pp.113-124, ISSN: 1448-4528. DOI: 10.1080/14484528.2021.1871705.

Norwood, T (2017) The gaps in the line: A study of drawing between word and thing, OAR: The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform, 1(1), pp.157-168, ISSN: 2399-5092.

Hunter, BH and Norwood, T (2014) A fine line: Drawing and the digital ground in the work of Tamarin Norwood, Art Journal, ISSN: 0004-3249.

Collective, SAW and Norwood, T (2014) #Nightwatch: an abridged transcript, Performance Research, 18(5), pp.96-100, ISSN: 1352-8165. DOI: 10.1080/13528165.2013.828923.


Norwood, T (2023) Exploring the Practice, Use and Value of Therapeutic Writing on Death, Dying and Bereavement. In Centre for Death and Society Conference 2022: Institutions and Death, University of Bath.

Norwood, T (Accepted for publication) Life-Writing and the Life Course: crafting narratives of birth and death. In Oxford Centre for Life-Writing Research Forum, University of Oxford.

Norwood, T (Accepted for publication) Replenishing Narratives, Crafting Grief: two innovations in reproductive bereavement support. In Centre for Death and Society Conference 2023: Innovation at the End of Life, University of Bath.

Norwood, T (2020) Rivers of forgetfulness: articulating neonatal bereavement through metaphor. In Death & Culture III, York St John University, York, UK.

Norwood, T (Accepted for publication) The Other Night: Water and the Nocturnal Imagination on an Urban Night Walk. In International Conference on Night Studies, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa.

Norwood, T (2020) The other night: Water and the nocturnal imagination on an urban night’s walk. In 1st International Conference on Night Studies, University of Porto, Lisbon,ISBN: 9789728048471.

Norwood, T (2019) Drawing and the Murder of the Thing. In Drawing Room research forum, Drawing Room, London.

Norwood, T (2016) The studio in fine art research. In Research as Gesture, Central Saint Martins.


S, K (ed) (2021) The mourning lines, Ma Bibliotheque.


Norwood, T (2015) Drawing Round Things, Limited edition artefact (various locations), November 2015.

Norwood, T (2013) A Play for Needle and Record, FOAM archive, London, December 2013.


Norwood, T (2021) Metaphor and neonatal death: how stories can help when a baby dies at birth. In Cardell, K (ed) Essays in Life Writing, Routledge,ISBN: 9781032107394.

Norwood, T (Accepted for publication) Drawing and its Organs. In Kivland, S, Newman, M, Macfarlane, K, Mason, L (ed) FIGURE/S: Drawing after Bellmer, Ma Bibliotheque, pp.28-32.

Norwood, T (2021) Foreword [The mourning lines]. In Kivland, S (ed) The mourning lines, Ma Bibliotheque.

Norwood, T (2021) The blunt pencil. In The mourning lines, Ma Bibliotheque, pp.12-18.

Norwood, T (2020) Digital drawing. In Chorpening, K and Fortnum, R (ed) A Companion to Contemporary Drawing, Wiley Blackwell, pp.389-405, ISBN: 9781119194545. DOI: 10.1002/9781119194583.ch21.

Norwood, T (2019) Writing drawingly: A case study of multimodal translation between drawing and writing. In Boria, M, Carreres, Á, Noriega-Sánchez, M, Tomalin, M (ed) Translation and Multimodality: Beyond Words, Routledge, pp.179-197, ISBN: 9780429341557. DOI: 10.4324/9780429341557.

Norwood, T (2016) Drawing attention: Ways of knowing derived in the movement of the pencil. In Callard, F, Staines, K, Wilkes, J (ed) The Restless Compendium Interdisciplinary Investigations of Rest and Its Opposites, Springer, pp.105-111, ISBN: 9783319452647. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-45264-7.

Digital/Visual Products

Norwood, T (2016) Sleep Studies I-V.

Norwood, T (2014) A Fine Line: Untitled #1-4, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Philadelphia.


Norwood, T (2015) What the point is: the end of the line, SE8 Gallery, London, 14 pieces (Exhibition of sculpture and video artwork), 25-09-2015 to 30-10-2015.

Internet Publications

Norwood, T (2020) Creating bonds with a baby expected to die at birth.

Scholarly Editions

Ferreira Almeida, PL, Anscomb, CR, Borg, T, Craig, JA, Douglas, C, Field, S, Kosma, A, Majchrowska, J, Corso, R, Read, H, Sadokierski, Z, Rissanen, T, Tipene, LP, Wallis, K, Wilson, K, Wright, J (2022) Drawing and Loss, TRACEY Journal of Drawing and Visualisation Research.


Norwood, T (2018) Drawing: The Point of Contact.

Devices or Products

Norwood, T (2023) From the Heart Notelets, Held In Our Hearts.

Norwood, T and Tovey, R (2023) From the Heart Notelets, Held In Our Hearts.


Norwood, T (2021) A double-knotted thread: the challenges of writing a very brief life.

Norwood, T (2020) Something from Nothing? Constructing a Narrative when a Baby Dies at Birth.


Norwood, T (2022) When a baby dies, nobody knows what to say, Every pregnancy is a time of waiting, and we had to remind ourselves again and again that we were waiting for a baby who would leave us as soon as he arrived, or perhaps before..

Norwood, T (2020) Rivers of forgetfulness: articulating neonatal bereavement through metaphor, to ask: what borderlands are shared between the dying and the soon-to-be-bereaved, and how can we make sense of these liminal territories when the moment has passed?.

Norwood, T (2016) Point Line Time: Using a practice-led methodology to gain interdisciplinary insights into the processes of drawing.

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