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Journal Articles

Park, S, Jo, H, Kim, T (2023) Platformization in local cultural production: Korean platform companies and the K-pop industry, International Journal of Communication, 17, pp.2422-2443, ISSN: 1932-8036.

Al-Rawi, A and Kim, T (2023) Journalists’ Views and Management of Dark Participation, Communication Studies, 74(2), pp.97-112, ISSN: 1051-0974. DOI: 10.1080/10510974.2023.2169730.

Kim, T (2023) K-culture without “K-”? The paradoxical nature of producing Korean television toward a sustainable Korean wave, International Journal of Communication, 17, pp.149-170, ISSN: 1932-8036.

Kim, T (2022) Cultural politics of Netflix in local contexts: A case of the Korean media industries, Media, Culture & Society, 44(8), pp.1508-1522, ISSN: 0163-4437. DOI: 10.1177/01634437221111917.

Kim, T (2022) Changes and continuities of Makjang drama in the Korean broadcasting industry, Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema, 14(2), pp.114-130, ISSN: 1756-4905. DOI: 10.1080/17564905.2022.2124029.

Kim, T (2022) Critical Interpretations of Global-Local Co-Productions in Subscription Video-on-Demand Platforms: A Case Study of Netflix’s YG Future Strategy Office, Television & New Media, 23(4), pp.405-421, ISSN: 1527-4764. DOI: 10.1177/1527476421999437.

Kim, T (2021) Understanding creative economy policies in the Canadian context: a case study of “Creative Canada”, Cultural Trends, 30(5), pp.425-441, ISSN: 0954-8963. DOI: 10.1080/09548963.2021.1904207.

Kim, T (2017) Creative Economy of the Developmental State: A Case Study of South Korea's Creative Economy Initiatives, The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, 47(5), pp.322-332, ISSN: 1063-2921. DOI: 10.1080/10632921.2017.1377660.

Kim, T and Jin, DY (2016) Cultural policy in the Korean Wave: An analysis of cultural diplomacy embedded in presidential speeches, International Journal of Communication, 10(2016).


Kim, T (2021) Understanding the instrumentalization of creativity in provincial cultural policies: The creative economy project in British Columbia. In Beauregard, D and Paquette, J (ed) Canadian Cultural Policy in Transition, Routledge, pp.198-209, ISBN: 9781000417210.

Kim, T (2021) Cultural Politics of Global Online Subscription Video-on-Demand Services in Canada: A Case Study of Netflix Canada. In Jin, DY (ed) The Routledge Handbook of Digital Media and Globalization, Routledge, pp.278-288, ISBN: 9781000383133.

Kim, T (2020) Female Soldiers and Their Femininity in the Korean Context: A Case Study of Beautiful Gunbari. In Jin, DY (ed) Transmedia Storytelling in East Asia The Age of Digital Media, Routledge, pp.139-156, ISBN: 9781000063455.

Kim, T (2020) Media's representation of female soldiers and their femininity: A case study of Korean webtoon Beautiful Gunbari. In Transmedia Storytelling in East Asia: The Age of Digital Media, pp.139-155, ISBN: 9780367246532.

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