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Burnside, G, Cheyne, CP, Leeming, G, Humann, M, Darby, A, Green, MA, Crozier, A, Maskell, S, O’Halloran, K, Musi, E, Carmi, E, Khan, N, Fisher, D, Corcoran, R, Dunning, J, Edmunds, WJ, Tharmaratnam, K, Hughes, DM, Malki-Epshtein, L, Cook, M, Roberts, BM, Gallagher, E, Howell, K, Chand, M, Kemp, R, Boulter, M, Fowler, T, Semple, MG, Coffey, E, Ashton, M, consortium, TCGUKCOG-UK, García-Fiñana, M, Buchan, IE (2023) COVID-19 risk mitigation in reopening mass cultural events: population-based observational study for the UK Events Research Programme in Liverpool City Region, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 117(1), pp.11-23, ISSN: 0141-0768. DOI: 10.1177/01410768231182389.

Roberts, BM, Beizaee, A, Onyenokporo, N, Oyinlola, M (2023) Upcycled construction materials to reduce dwelling overheating in tropical climates: The bottle house, Building and Environment, 234(2023), 110183, ISSN: 0360-1323. DOI: 10.1016/j.buildenv.2023.110183.

Malki-Epshtein, L, Adzic, F, Roberts, BM, Hathway, EA, Iddon, C, Mustafa, M, Cook, M (2022) Measurement and rapid assessment of indoor air quality at mass gathering events to assess ventilation performance and reduce aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2, Building Services Engineering Research and Technology, 44(2), pp.113-133, ISSN: 0143-6244. DOI: 10.1177/01436244221137995.

Adzic, F, Roberts, BM, Hathway, EA, Matharu, RK, Ciric, L, Wild, O, Cook, M, Malki-Epshtein, L (2022) A post-occupancy study of ventilation effectiveness from high-resolution CO2 monitoring at live theatre events to mitigate airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2, Building and Environment, 223(2022), 109392, ISSN: 0360-1323. DOI: 10.1016/j.buildenv.2022.109392.

Roberts, BM, Allinson, D, Lomas, K (2021) Evaluating methods for estimating whole house air infiltration rates in summer: implications for overheating and indoor air quality, International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation, 41(1), pp.45-72, ISSN: 2398-4708. DOI: 10.1108/IJBPA-06-2021-0085.

Roberts, BM, Allinson, D, Diamond, S, Abel, B, Das Bhaumik, C, Khatami, N, Lomas, K (2019) Predictions of summertime overheating: comparison of dynamic thermal models and measurements in synthetically occupied test houses, Building Services Engineering Research and Technology, 40(4), pp.512-552, ISSN: 0143-6244. DOI: 10.1177/0143624419847349.

Howarth, C and Roberts, BM (2018) The role of the UK Green Deal in shaping pro-environmental behaviours: Insights from two case studies, Sustainability, 10(6), ISSN: 1937-0695. DOI: 10.3390/su10062107.

Roberts, BM, Allinson, D, Lomas, K (2018) A matched pair of test houses with synthetic occupants to investigate summertime overheating, Journal of Sustainable Design & Applied Research, 6(1), pp.29-38, ISSN: 2009-549X. DOI: 10.21427/D70N8S.


Roberts, BM, Lomas, K, Gough, KV, Kasei, R, Manu, FW, Spentzou, E, Wilby, R (2023) Designing dwellings to cope with extreme heat in low-income communities. In Comfort At The Extremes 2023; Comfort At The Extremes 2023 conference, Ahmedabad, India.

Roberts, BM, Adzic, F, Hathway, EA, Iddon, C, Jones, B, Cook, M, Malki-Epshtein, L (2023) Measurement of ventilation effectiveness and indoor air quality in toilets at mass gathering events. In 43rd AIVC-11th TightVent & 9th venticool Conference; 43rd AIVC-11th TightVent & 9th venticool Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Roberts, BM, Abel, B, Allinson, D, Crowley, J, Das Bhaumik, C, Diamond, S, Lomas, K (2023) Identifying the causes of discrepancy between measured and modelled indoor temperatures in two synthetically occupied test houses. In CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium 2023; CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium 2023, Glasgow, UK.

Eastwood, M, Roberts, BM, Li, M, Allinson, D (2023) A method for quantifying the variability of the heat transfer coefficient due to inter-dwelling heat transfer using a matched pair of test houses. In CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium 2023; CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium 2023, Glasgow, UK.

Roberts, BM, Kasei, R, Codjoe, SNA, Amankwaa, EF, Gough, KV, Abdullah, K, Mensah, P, Lomas, K (2022) Comparing indoor air quality in naturally ventilated and air-conditioned hospitals in the tropics. In 42nd AIVC-10th TightVent & 8th Venticool Conference, 2022, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Roberts, BM, Abel, B, Allinson, D, Crowley, J, Rashid, T, Salehi, B, Lomas, K (2022) A dataset from synthetically occupied test houses for validating model predictions of overheating. In CIBSE Technical Symposium 2022, London, UK.

Malki-Epshtein, L, Cook, M, Hathway, A, Adzic, F, Iddon, C, Roberts, BM, Mustafa, M (2022) Application of CO2 monitoring methods for post-occupancy evaluation of ventilation effectiveness to mitigate airborne disease transmission at events. In CIBSE Technical Symposium 2022, London, UK.

Roberts, BM, Allinson, D, Lomas, K (2018) Overheating in dwellings: a matched pair of test houses with synthetic occupants. In CIBSE Technical Symposium, London.

Roberts, BM, Allinson, D, Lomas, K, Porritt, S (2017) The effect of refurbishment and trickle vents on airtightness: the case of a 1930s semi-detached house. In 38th AIVC - 6th TightVent - 4th venticool Conference, Nottingham, UK, pp.369-380.


Aladawi, A, Roberts, BM, Hogervorst, E, Cook, M (2023) Indoor environmental quality studies. In Halsall, B, Riley, M, Hogervorst, E (ed) Design for Dementia, Routledge, pp.138-153, ISBN: 9781003306054. DOI: 10.1201/9781003306054-8.


Allinson, D, Roberts, BM, Lomas, K, Loveday, D, Gorse, C, Hardy, A, Thomas, F, Miles-Shenton, D, Johnston, D, Glew, D, Rakhshanbabanari, K, Fylan, F, Farmer, D, Elwell, C, Crawley, J, Hollick, F, Wingfield, J, Roberts, G, Reevell, L (2022) Technical evaluation of SMETER technologies (TEST) project, pp.1-183, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

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