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Journal Articles

Wilson, G, Clark, N, Hatton, F, Trimingham, R, Woolley, E (2022) Perpetual plastic for food to go: a design-led approach to polymer research, Polymer International, ISSN: 0959-8103. DOI: 10.1002/pi.6401.

Jewitt, C, Mitchell, V, Wilson, G, Golmohammadi, L, Atkinson, D, Mackley, KL, Price, S (2022) Supporting novice designers design of digital touch, International Journal of Technology and Design Education, ISSN: 0957-7572. DOI: 10.1007/s10798-021-09722-1.

Clark, N, Trimingham, R, Wilson, G (2022) A remote ethnography methodology to gain packaging behaviour insights, Packaging Technology and Science, 35(4), pp.373-392, ISSN: 0894-3214. DOI: 10.1002/pts.2635.

Clark, N, Trimingham, R, Wilson, G (2020) Incorporating consumer insights into the UK food packaging supply chain in the transition to a circular economy, Sustainability, 12(15), 6106, DOI: 10.3390/su12156106.

Wilson, G and Bhamra, T (2020) Design for sustainability: the need for a new agenda, Sustainability, 12(9), 3615, DOI: 10.3390/su12093615.

Mitchell, V, Wilson, G, Jewitt, C, Mackley, KL, Golmohammadi, L, Atkinson, D, Price, S (2020) Digital touch: towards a novel user-experience design pedagogy, Design and Technology Education: An International Journal, 25(1), pp.59-79, ISSN: 1360-1431.

Wilson, GT, Smalley, G, Suckling, JR, Lilley, D, Lee, J, Mawle, R (2017) The hibernating mobile phone: Dead storage as a barrier to efficient electronic waste recovery, Waste Management, 60, pp.521-533, ISSN: 0956-053X. DOI: 10.1016/j.wasman.2016.12.023.

Bridgens, B, Hobson, K, Lilley, D, Lee, J, Scott, JL, Wilson, G (2017) Closing the loop on e-waste: a multidisciplinary perspective, Journal of Industrial Ecology, ISSN: 1088-1980.

Wilson, GT, Bhamra, T, Lilley, D (2016) Evaluating feedback interventions: A design for sustainable behaviour case study, International Journal of Design, 10(2), pp.87-99, ISSN: 1991-3761.

Lilley, D, Smalley, G, Bridgens, B, Wilson, GT, Balasundaram, K (2016) Cosmetic obsolescence? User perceptions of new and artificially aged materials, Materials and Design, 101, pp.355-365, ISSN: 0264-1275. DOI: 10.1016/j.matdes.2016.04.012.

Wilson, CD and Wilson, GT (2015) Taoism, Shintoism, and the Ethics of Technology: An Ecocritical Review of Howl's Moving Castle, Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities, 2(3), pp.189-194, ISSN: 2169-3307. DOI: 10.5250/resilience.2.3.0189.

Wilson, GT, Bhamra, T, Lilley, D (2015) The considerations and limitations of feedback as a strategy for behaviour change, International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, 8(3), pp.186-195, ISSN: 1939-7038. DOI: 10.1080/19397038.2015.1006299.

Mitchell, V, Mackley, KL, Pink, S, Escobar-Tello, C, Wilson, GT, Bhamra, T (2015) Situating digital interventions: Mixed methods for HCI research in the home, Interacting with Computers, 27(1), pp.3-12, ISSN: 0953-5438. DOI: 10.1093/iwc/iwu034.

Lilley, D and Wilson, GT (2013) Integrating ethics into design for sustainable behaviour, Journal of Design Research, 11(3), pp.278-299, ISSN: 1748-3050. DOI: 10.1504/JDR.2013.056593.


Woolley, E, Sian, M, Nahar, S, Clark, N, Hatton, F, Larder, R, Trimingham, R, Wilson, G (2022) Towards making polymer food packaging suitable for the circular economy: Cleanliness is next to godliness. In 18th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing (GCSM 2022), Berlin, Germany.

Clark, N and Wilson, G (2022) The road ahead for academia and (with?) industry [Abstract]. In Midlands Packaging Society ‘Pack to the Future’ Conference, Loughborough, UK.

Wilson, G (Accepted for publication) “I bomme, as a bombyll bee dothe”: an (un)random research journey [Abstract]. In Net Zero Conference 2022. Research Journeys in/to Net Zero: Current and Future Research Leaders in the Midlands, UK, Leicester, UK.

Wilson, G (2022) Re-use: Game changer or logistical nightmare? [Transcript]. In Global Research & Innovation in Plastics Sustainability 2022 (GRiPS 2022), Online.

Wilson, G (2021) Reuse and refill: Why design? [Transcript]. In Global Research & Innovation in Plastics Sustainability 2021 (GRiPS 2021), Online.

Sinclair, M, Mitchell, V, Wilson, G, Cockbill, S (2020) UXD beyond the screen. A UX approach to industrial design teaching. In Aquila, M, Barreiros, I, Sperano, I (ed) Interaction 20, Milan.

Gale, Y, Lilley, D, Wilson, G (2019) Positioning textile repair: Viewing a culture of perfection through surface imperfections. In Nissen, NF and Jaeger-Erben, M (ed) 3rd International PLATE Conference, Berlin, Germany,ISBN: 9783798331259.

Mitchell, V, Wilson, G, Mackley, KL, Jewitt, C, Golmohammadi, L, Atkinson, D, Price, S (2019) Digital touch experiences: Educating the designers. In EduCHI 2019, Glasgow, Scotland.

Clark, N, Trimingham, R, Wilson, GT (2019) Understanding consumer disposal behaviour with food to go packaging in a move to circular, zero waste packaging solutions. In PLATE 2019, Berlin.

Lefebvre, M, Lofthouse, V, Wilson, G (2018) Towards a circular economy: exploring factors to repair broken electrical and electronics products by users with pro-environmental inclination. In DRS 2018, University of Limerick, pp.2045-2045.

Wilson, G, Bridgens, B, Hobson, K, Lee, J, Lilley, D, Scott, JL, Suckling, J (2015) Single product, multi-lifetime components: challenges for Product-Service System development. In PLATE 2015, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham,ISBN: 978-0-9576009-9-7.

Lee, J, Suckling, J, Lilley, D, Wilson, G (2015) What is ‘value’ and how can we capture it from the product value chain?. In EcoDesign 2015 International Symposium, Tokyo, Japan,ISBN: 9789811004711.

Wilson, G, Mackley, KL, Mitchell, V, Bhamra, T, Pink, S (2014) PORTS: an interdisciplinary and systemic approach to studying energy use in the home. In , UbiComp 2014 - Adjunct Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, pp.971-978, ISBN: 9781450330473. DOI: 10.1145/2638728.2641551.

Wilson, GT, Lilley, D, Bhamra, TA (2013) Design Feedback Interventions for Household Energy Consumption Reduction. In 16th Conference of the European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (ERSCP) & 7th Conference of the Environmental Management for Sustainable Universities (EMSU) (ERSCP-EMSU 2013), Istanbul, Turkey, pp.0-0.

Wilson, GT, Bhamra, TA, Lilley, D (2010) Reducing Domestic Energy Consumption: A User-Centred Design Approach. In Wever, R, Quist, J, Tukker, A, Woudstra, J, Boons, F, Beute, N (ed) Knowledge Collaboration & Learning for Sustainable Innovation ERSCP-EMSU Conference, Delft, The Netherlands, pp.200-222, ISBN: 9789051550658.


Boehnert, J, Dewberry, E, Wilson, G (2022) If you're not in an existential crisis as a designer in Sustainable Design, you're not doing it right!. In Tsekleves, E and Noel, L-A (ed) The Little Book of Designer's Existential Crises in 2022, ImaginationLancaster, pp.19-22.

Lilley, D, Wilson, G, Bhamra, T, Hanratty, M, Tang, T (2017) Design Interventions for Sustainable Behaviour. In Design for Behavioural Change, Routledge, pp.40-57.

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Lee, J, Suckling, J, Lilley, D, Wilson, G (2016) What is ‘Value’ and how can we capture it from the product value chain?. In Sustainability Through Innovation in Product Life Cycle Design, © Springer, pp.297-313, ISBN: 9789811004711.


Larder, R, Nahar, S, York, N, Wilson, G, Woolley, E, Hatton, F, Clark, N, Trimingham, R (2022) Perpetual Plastic for Food to Go: Enabling Technology, Materials Research Exchange (MRE) 2022 Conference.

York, N, Larder, R, Nahar, S, Wilson, G, Clark, N, Trimingham, R, Woolley, E, Hatton, F (2022) Perpetual Plastic for Food to Go: Consumer Behaviour, Materials Research Exchange (MRE) 2022 Conference.

John, Z, Wilson, G, Mitchell, V (2017) [Ad]dressing mamma: Identifying design strategies for meaningful and appropriate product life in maternity and nursing fashion [Poster].

Mitchell, V, Wilson, G, Mackley, KL, PINK, S, Buswell, R, Bhamra, T (Accepted for publication) Home Life Insight Cards: TEDDINET Poster.


Buswell, R, Webb, L, Quiggin, D, Cosar-Jorda, P, Marini, D, Osz, K, Morosanu, R, Pink, S, Mackley, KL, Wilson, G, Hanratty, M, Mitchell, V, Bhamra, T (2015) LEEDR: what are the results? Participant feedback for H99.


Wilson, GT and Mitchell, V (2018) Crafting a Sustainable UX Vision Toolkit, DOI: 10.17028/rd.lboro.6188699.v1.

Mitchell, V, Wilson, G, Mackley, KL, PINK, S, Buswell, R, Bhamra, T (2017) Home Life Insight Cards.

Wilson, G, Smalley, G, Suckling, JR, Lilley, D, Lee, J, Mawle, R (2016) The Hibernating Mobile Phone DATA, DOI: 10.17028/rd.lboro.4062744.


Wilson, G and Mitchell, V (2018) Crafting a Sustainable UX Vision Toolkit.

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