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Journal Articles

Morgan, E (2019) Stickiness, Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, 57, ISSN: 0161-486X.

Morgan, E (2018) Vibrating with spider silk, Antennae: the journal of nature in visual culture, (46), pp.34-37, ISSN: 1756-9575.

Morgan, E (2016) Recipe for Success, Printmaking Today, 25(1), ISSN: 0960-9253.

Morgan, E (2015) Sticky layers and shimmering weaves: a study of two human uses of spider silk, Journal of Design History, 29(1), pp.8-23, ISSN: 0952-4649. DOI: 10.1093/jdh/epv019.

Morgan, E (2011) Sticky Tales: Spiders, silk and human attachments, Dandelion: Birkbeck Journal for the Humanities, 2(2).

Morgan, E (2006) Derrida's garden, Fillip Magazine, (2), pp.1-8, ISSN: 1715-3212.


Morgan, E (2022) Spider Physiotherapy. In Association of Art Historians, Online.

Morgan, E (2021) Listening to Animals. In Beyond Words, Oxford Centre for Life Writing.

Morgan, E (2020) ‘Sticky gatherings: animal glues and the case of the caddis fly’. In The Animal Gaze Constructed, London Metropolitan university.


Morgan, E (2016) Gossamer Days: Spiders, humans and their threads, Strange Attractor Press, ISBN: 9781907222351.

Morgan, E (2015) How to make a diamond, Walbrook Press, ISBN: 9780993368707.

Morgan, E (2015) How to rub a fish, Walbrook Press, ISBN: 9780993368714.


Morgan, E (2015) Man like all animals is glass, Glass Delusions Exhibition, Grant Museum of Zoology, London, January 2015.


Morgan, E (2023) Knotting across species: creating order from chaos. In Horton, S and Mitchell, V (ed) Pattern and Chaos in Art, Science and Everyday Life: Critical Intersections and Creative Practice, Intellect, pp.60-63, ISBN: 9781789387803.

Morgan, E (2023) The death swamps (or a pond within an ocean). In Oceans, MIT Press, pp.---, ISBN: 9780262545341.

Morgan, E (2022) Seasick. In ARK, Dark Mountain, pp.56-60, ISBN: 978-1-8384160-3-4.

Morgan, E and Lee, G (2016) The robot and the swallow: sustainable practice in a digital world. In Newcombe, R (ed) Research-based Education, The Bartlett School of Architecture, pp.122-129, ISBN: 9780992948597.

Morgan, E (2009) Connecting with Animals: The aquarium and the dreamer fish. In Dobrin, S and Morey, S (ed) Ecosee Image, Rhetoric, Nature, SUNY Press, pp.169-181, ISBN: 9781438425849.


Morgan, E (2023) Tale of the Frozen Bits, Castlefield Gallery, 6 pieces , 09-02-2023 to 12-03-2023.

Morgan, E (2022) Visions in the Nunnery, Bow Arts, 1 pieces , 07-10-2022 to 06-11-2022.

Jakab, Z and Farmer, T (2018) Zsofia Jakab: “Beckoning", The Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds Arts University, 2 pieces , 19-01-2018 to 08-02-2018.

Morgan, E and Curtis, S (2017) Fish Rubbing and Print Dept, Division of Labour Gallery, London, 2 pieces , 01-07-2017 to 29-07-2017.

Morgan, E, McKinlay, J, Ariel, D, Tate, G (2017) The Impossibility of Print, Ex-Libris Gallery, Newcastle University, 20 pieces , 20-03-2017 to 24-03-2017.

Morgan, E (2016) Jerwood Drawing prize, Jerwood Space, London, 1 pieces , 14-10-2016 to 23-11-2016.

Morgan, E (2013) The Making of Folly Island, Slade Research Centre, London, 25 pieces , 13-09-2013 to 16-09-2013.

Morgan, E and Lee, G Life of Clay, pieces , to .

Morgan, E Glass Delusions, pieces , to .


Morgan, E and Curtis, S (2017) How to Rub a Fish, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 19-05-2017 to 19-05-2017.

Morgan, E (2012) A Labour of Moles, Documenta (13), 06-09-2012 to 06-09-2012.


Curran, F and Robbins, F (2018) Dark Materialisms: Making and Unmaking.

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