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Journal Articles

Atkin, J (2018) Access to Justice: McMurtry Gardens of Justice, International Journal of History and Cultural Studies, 4(3), pp.14-18, ISSN: 2454-7646. DOI: 10.20431/2454-7654.0403003.

Atkin, J and Morgan, RC (2010) Sculpture that declares the space around it, 29(1), pp.50-53, ISSN: 0889-728X.

Atkin, J (2010) Sculpture that ddeclares the space around it by R.C.Morgan, 29(1), 50, 51, 52, 53, ISSN: 0889-728X.

Atkin, J and Morgan, R (2010) Sculpture that declares the space around it; by Robert Morgan, , 29(1), pp.50-54.

Atkin, J (2008) First out of the blocks, Artist & Illustrators, 3(265), pp.11-11, ISSN: 0269-4697.


Atkin, J (2016) Identity in steel. In Sculpture in Context – Tradition & Innovation: International Sculpture Center Conference, Pittsburgh PA. USA.

Atkin, J (2011) Sculptuering Brilliance: Essay Collection of the Third Changchun International sculpture conference. In Planning, CS and Office, M (ed) Public Art & Public Space: (Breaking Boundaries, Ashford Kent), Jilin College of the Arts, pp.210-242, ISBN: 978-7-5445-0632-8.

Atkin, J (2011) Sculpturing Brilliance: Essay collection of the Third Changchun International sculpture Conference. In Planning, CS and Office, M (ed) The 3rd China Changchun International Sculpture Conference, Public Art & Public Space: (Breaking Boundaries, Ashford, Kent), Jilin College of the Arts, pp.310-242, ISBN: 978-7-5445-0632-8.

Atkin, J (2011) ARC's (Large scale stainless steel sculpture). In China, TTCCHTDZISSCMGPR (ed) , The 12th China Changchun Hightech Development Zone.

Atkin, J (2011) Lippy Kid. Digital drawing and mixed media on 350 gsm watercolour paper. In Henne, I and Network, S (ed) , University of Huddersfield.

Atkin, J (2007) Sculpture by the Sea 2007. In , Marks Park, Bondi, Sydney.

Atkin, J (2004) Cass Sculpture Foundation. In David Handley, (ed) Sculpture by the Sea, Key Note Speaker, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, Australia.


Atkin, J (2016) Dialogue with the Emperor Qin's Warriors, © Loughborough University, ISBN: 9781911217091.

Atkin, J (2016) Landing Gear (sculpture by John Atkin) [Blue Symphony: China NanDaiHe International Sculpture Exhibition], Sculpture Committee of Chinese arts and Crafts.

Atkin, J (2011) Landscape & Interior Sculpture, Phoenix Publishing & Media Group.

Atkin, J (2008) John Atkin, Albemarle Gallery, ISBN: 978-0-9559349-0-2.

Atkin, J (2008) John Atkin, Albemarle Gallery, ISBN: 978-0-9559349-0-2.


Atkin, J (2017) Access to Justice, McMurtry Gardens of Justice, Toronto, Canada, October 2017.

Atkin, J (2017) Sundew, Corby, Northamptonshire, January 2017.

Atkin, J (2016) Sundew: large scale painted steel, public art sculpture [video], Railway Station, Corby, Northamptonshire, UK, January 2016.

Atkin, J (2016) Mechanomorphic Figure, Seoul, South Korea, January 2016.

Atkin, J (2016) Sacred Light (working title), Suzhou Sports Centre, Suzhou, China, January 2016.

Atkin, J (2016) Cascade, Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China, January 2016.

Atkin, J (2016) Twister Nos 2. A 220 cm tall fabricated aluminum sculpture, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, January 2016.

Atkin, J (2016) Sundew: large scale painted steel, public art sculpture, Corby, Northamptonshire, January 2016.

Atkin, J (2015) The Silk Road (sculpture by John Atkin), International Sculpture Exhibition, Fuzhou, China, January 2015.

Atkin, J (2015) Concrete Innovation, Loughborough, January 2015.

Atkin, J (2014) Twister Nos. 2, Museu Nacional Scienca –Politecnica Lisboa Portugal, March 2014.

Atkin, J (2014) King and queen, Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, January 2014.

Atkin, J (2014) Access to Justice (Development phase), McMurty Gardens of Justice, Toronto, Canada, January 2014.

Atkin, J (2014) Wheels of Time, Stourport, UK, January 2014.

Atkin, J (2013) Powerhouse, Bull Inn Court: Covent Garden, June 2013.

Atkin, J (2013) Searchlight beacons, London Southend Airport, January 2013.

Atkin, J (2013) Wheels of Time, Wuxi, China, January 2013.

Atkin, J (2011) The Road Not Taken, Ordos City International Sculpture Park, China, January 2011.

Atkin, J (2011) Twister, Touring Exhibition 2011-2014, January 2011.

Atkin, J (2010) The Road Not Taken, Ordos City, China, January 2010.

Atkin, J (2009) Notaroundabout, November 2009.

Atkin, J, San Francisco Mayors Office, Sculpturesite, San Francisco, (2008) Hard Bop, Fillmore Plaza San Francisco 2008, October 2008.

Atkin, J (2007) Strange Meeting, Beijing Olympic City, China, October 2007.

Atkin, J (2007) Plumb Bob, The Land Registry Building, Bedford Park, Croydon, May 2007.

Atkin, J (2007) By Hook or by Crook, Former site of Pierce Engineering,Wexford, Ireland, April 2007.

Atkin, J (2006) The Clicker, New Walk, Leicester, January 2006.

Atkin, J (2004) Dal Fabrro's Chariot, Beetham Towers, Liverpool, May 2004.

Atkin, J, Koike, M, Al-Bahrani, A (2004) The Klansman, Dubai, UAE, March 2004.

Atkin, J (2003) The Navigator, Orwell Riverside Development, Ipswich, May 2003.

Atkin, J (2003) The Signaler, The Rushes, Loughborough, January 2003.

Atkin, J (2003) The Signaler, The Rushes, Loughborough, January 2003.

Atkin, J (1999) A series of twelve plaster reliefs, Great Eastern Hotel, Liverpool Street, London, January 1999.

Atkin, J (1996) Strange Meeting (large scale sculpture), Brindley Place, Birmingham, UK, January 1996.

Atkin, J (Accepted for publication) SCULPTURE: Zhengzhou Twister 5.5 meter tall carved granite sculpture.

Atkin, J (Accepted for publication) Slipstream.

Atkin, J (Accepted for publication) The Silk Road (large-scale sculpture).

Atkin, J (Accepted for publication) Mechanomorphic Figure (Sculpture).


Atkin, J (2016) The Silk Road (Sculpture by John Atkin) in Collection of Works China Fuzhou International Sculpture Exhibition. In Unknown Parent Title, Fujian Fine Arts Publishing House, pp.106-107, ISBN: 9787539333793.

Atkin, J (2011) Sculpturing Brilliance Public Art & Public Space. In GUOQING, WWW (ed) Public Art & Pubic Space. Breaking Boundaries. Ashford, Kent. UK, CHANGCHUN PUBLISHING HOUSE. 1377 JIANSHE ST. CHANGCHUN. CHINA, CHANGCHUN, China, pp.210-242, ISBN: 978-7-5445-0632-8.


Atkin, J (2013) Searchlight Beacons, June 2013, London Southend Airport: Stobart Group.

Atkin, J, Whitelaw, T, Jacobs, Ashford Borough Council, Champions Group Kent, All Steel Fabrications, N, CABE, RKLPAC (2010) Notaroundabout, November 2010.

Atkin, J (2008) Pluto. 2008, September 2008.

Atkin, J (2007) The Competitor, January 2007.

Atkin, J (2006) Pound Mill, January 2006, Spellthorne Borough Council.

Atkin, J (2005) NZ3231135, January 2005, Commissions North/Arts Council North East, funded by Developers City & Northern.

Digital/Visual Products

Atkin, J (2016) Inside the Sculptors Studio, Sculpturesite.com, Sculpturesite.


Atkin, J (2019) SLIPSTREAM: Ecological Hengshui: China- International City Sculpture Festival, Hengshui: China, 1 pieces (Stainless Steel), 06-09-2019 to 12-10-2019.

Atkin, J (2019) Vanishing Point. Sculptures and Wall-Based artworks by John Atkin. . UK, Felix & Spear Gallery, London, 14 pieces (Various), 02-02-2019 to 09-03-2019.

Atkin, J (2017) TWISTER (large scale sculpture): Dialogue with the Emperor Qin's Warriors: UK Representative: Antwerp, Belgium, Zaha Hadid Diamond Vessel Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium, One pieces , 15-12-2017 to 24-02-2018.

Atkin, J and Keobandith, P (2017) Twister (large scale sculpture), USB Gallery: Brussels, 1 pieces (Fabricated Aluminium), 20-09-2017 to 28-10-2017.

Atkin, J (2017) TWISTER: Dialogue with the Emperor Qin's Warriors (USB: Brussels), USB Gallery: Brussels, One pieces , 01-09-2017 to 01-10-2017.

Atkin, J (2017) Tide Wonder. Small-scale sculpture as part of a group exhibition in Beijing entitled "The Secret Garden", The Peninsula Gallery, Beijing, China, One pieces , 02-06-2017 to 27-08-2017.

Atkin, J (2017) Cascade. Large-scale photograph exhibited as part of a selected international exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Beijing, Museum of Contemporary Art. Beijing, One pieces , 03-03-2017 to 27-04-2018.

Atkin, J (2017) Sentinel. Large-scale natural stone carving. Two-centre exhibition, Kouros Gallery. Ridgefield. CT. USA & : Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, NYS. USA, One pieces , 28-02-2017 to 30-09-2018.

Atkin, J and Suh, M (2016) "Sneaker Wave": The Secret Garden: Group Exhibition, The Peninsula Gallery (MOCA Beijing), 1 pieces (Stainless steel and white marble), 30-11-2016 to 30-01-2017.

Atkin, J (2016) Inside the Sculptors Studio [publicity information], Sculpturesite, California, USA, 20 pieces (Various), 11-04-2016 to 22-05-2016.

Atkin, J (2013) Twister: Dialogue with the Emperor Qin's Warriors, Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, 1 pieces (Mixed media), 15-05-2013 to 23-06-2013.

Atkin, J (2013) The Gyroid Head, EU Pavillion:Suzhou International Expo Centre. China, 1 pieces (Nylon: 3D Additive Manufacturing print), 18-04-2013 to 26-07-2013.

Atkin, J (2013) Twister: Dialogue with the Emperor Qin's Warriors, Dalian Zhongshan Art Museum, 1 pieces (Mixed Media), 02-02-2013 to 14-05-2013.

Atkin, J (2011) Twister: Dialogue with the Emperor Qin's Warriors, SHAANXI ART MUSEUM Xian PR China, 1 pieces (Mixed Media), 02-11-2011 to 25-12-2011.

Atkin, J (2008) The Making of Hard Bop for Fillmore Plaza, San Francisco, 1 pieces , to .

Atkin, J, Giacometti, A, Smith, D (2004) From another Dimension - works on paper by sculptors, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, USA, pieces , 21-04-2004 to 21-04-2004.

Atkin, J, Flugelman, B, Robertson Swann, R (2004) Sculpture by the Sea Symposium & Exhibition, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, Australia, pieces , to .

Atkin, J, Cragg, T, Caro, A (2002) Thinking Big, Concepts for Twenty-first British Sculpture (survey exhibition of maquettes by British Contemporary Sculptors), The Main Gallery, Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Venice, pieces , 06-09-2002 to 06-09-2002.

Atkin, J, Cragg, T, Paolozzi, SE Projects for full scale sculptures, Cass Sculpture Foundation, Percy Street, London, pieces , to .

Atkin, J The Navigator, Maquettes and Drawings, Christchurch Mansion Gallery, Ipswich, pieces , to .

Atkin, J, Lee, B, Lyons, M First Guilin International Sculpture Exhibition, Yuzi Paradise Gallery, Guilin, China, pieces , to .

Atkin, J, Emery, L, Pollock, J "Bollihope Shield", New Orleans Museum of Art, USA, pieces , to .

Archer, M, Atkin, J, Morris, D, Williams, G Group Show, Dean Clough, Halifax, pieces , to .

Atkin, J Landing Gear, pieces , to .

Atkin, J Sentinel, Marks Park, Sydney, Australia, pieces , to .

Atkin, J Cut and Run, Cartwright Hall Museum, Lister Park, Bradford, pieces , to .

Atkin, J Strange Meeting, pieces , to .

Atkin, J Strange Meeting exhibition of Design Proposals, Beijing National Conference Hall, pieces , to .

Atkin, J Landing Gear (Bronze scuplture), NanDaiHe Sculpture park China, pieces , to .

Atkin, J Tumblers, Wuxi China Tai-Lake Pearl (T-Park) ¿ Wuxi, pieces , to .

Atkin, J and Mach, D Precious Light-City of God, Edinburgh City Art Gallery, pieces , to .

Atkin, J and Keobandith, P Warriors (Dialogue with the Emperor Qin's Warriors): an exhibition of 31 large-scale sculptures, Loughborough University London, pieces , to .

Atkin, J Vengeance and Recompense are Mine, Cormons, Italy, pieces , to .

Atkin, J The Silk Road: large-scale stainless steel sculpture for International Sculpture Exhibition, Fuzhou China, 2015 [video], Fuzhou, China, pieces , to .

Atkin, J Sneaker Wave, China Sculpture Art Forum: Haining City, China, pieces , to .

Atkin, J The Secret Garden: Group Exhibition [Photos of sculptures], Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing, pieces , to .

Atkin, J and Keobandith, P Dialogue with the Emperor Qin's Warriors catalogue, pieces , to .


Atkin, J (2016) Inside the sculptor’s studio: John Atkin.

Evans, MA, Bibb, R, Bingham, Torrens, Sinclair, M, Atkin, J, Newsom, G, Buswell, Concrete Innovation.


Atkin, J (2018) Public Art - Urban Space: Overseas Elite Lecture: International Design Research Program: South China University of Design & Technology. Guangzhou: China.

Bingham, T and Atkin, J (2016) Sculpture commission by global artist is "on track", A review of the SUNDEW project for Corby Railway Station introducing John Atkin to the readership (estimated 50,000 people) of the local newspaper, Corby News..

Atkin, J (2011) The Tumblers MTLE Wuxi China, A new public art/urban design project for MTLE.

Atkin, J (2010) The Clothier, Invitation by a group of local businessmen and women (The Friends of the New Walk), to make a public artwork for a high profile site in the English Heritage sponsored by New Walk district of Leicester. The artwork is cognizant of the hosiery industry.

Atkin, J (2010) Cotherstone Moor, Wall-based mixed media artwork exhibited at the Los Angeles Art Fair by Sculpturesite Gallery, San Francisco. One of a series of artworks previously exhibited in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Boston.

Atkin, J and Davis, B (2009) Art Interview - John Atkin, Interview with John Atkin by Brendan Davis Editor in Chief Art Interview Online Magazine. Exploring the background to John Atkin's public art output domestically and worldwide..

Atkin, J and Cordrey, C (2008) First out of the blocks, Featured article by Carol Cordrey for Artists & Illustrators Journal, exploring the public art output of John Atkin in China.

Atkin, J (2008) The Big Idea, Solo exhibition. Survey exhibition and publication exploring John Atkin's public art output in relation to a series of small scale models for large scale projects. Catalogue essay by Edward Lucie Smith.

Atkin, J (2006) Breaking Boundaries, 2006-8 Lead Artist working as part of an Integrated Design Team with partners Whitelaw Turkington and Jacobs Babtie on a highway scheme that introduces concepts of shared space into the public realm, via artist interventions, to be completed May 2008.

Atkin, J (2006) Sail Form, Open competition. 20 ft sculpture for College Roundabout part of K+20 Urban Regeneration Scheme. 2006-7.

Atkin, J, Symons, J, Koite, M, Gualtieri, MA (2004) Sculpture by the Sea 2004, Group exhibition 28 Oct - 14 Nov. Outdoor exhibition of large-scale sculptures along the Bondi coastline, Sydney, Australia. Also, Sculpture Inside, Bondi Pavillion Gallery - small-scale maquettes relating to public artworks.

Atkin, J (2004) John Atkin Sculptures and Drawings, Solo exhibition 29/5/04-19/6/04 - invited artist. 8 sculptures in a variety of materials, 4 wall based artworks, 1 large-scale ink jet print, 14 works on paper..

Atkin, J, Sandle, M, David, ZB (2002) Concepts for Twenty-First British Sculpture (survey exhibition of maquettes by British Contemporary Sculptors), Group exhibition (touring). Survey exhibition of sculptures at Goodwood Gallery. Widespread critical attention in national major broadsheets and art press. 2 cast metal, bronze sculptures &1 two-piece fired clay sculpture..

Atkin, J (2002) Reiver's. Works on paper and cast metal sculptures, Solo exhibition of drawings and sculptures. 5 cast metal sculpturs and 10 mixed media framed works on paper. Date 12.7.02 - 10.8.02..

Atkin, GJ, Talasnick, GS, Weegee, GW (2001) Scorched Earth (exhibition of drawings and small scale sculptures), Solo exhibition supported by British Council focusing on the found object tradition in relation to contemporary warfare & conflict (human anatomy). 14 mixed media works on paper, 1 ceramic sculpture and 3 cast aluminium sculptures..

Atkin, J (1997) Inlet/Outlet funnel designs, Designs based on steam whistles in the Science Museum Birmingham.

Atkin, J (1996) North Shore (exhibition), Solo exhibition, 9 exhibits,.

Atkin, J (1996) Brinley Place Paintings, Commission (6 1m x 1m paintings and 6 10" x 8" paintings).

Council, CB and Atkin, J (Accepted for publication) Sundew (Public Art for Corby), My preparation for the delivery of this sculpture included community consultation that encompassed various histories associated with the steel industry and mass migration at a C20th pivotal time in UK social history. In order to identify narratives associated with this once major steel hub I delivered lectures at the Heritage Centre, Art Groups, Poetry Societies and Schools. I undertook the mentoring of a local artist and ensured that the sculpture was fabricated in Corby utilising local material from TATA steel, in order to promote the brand, Made in Corby, to the community and a wider audience. This systematic approach to sustainability underpins all of my public art. In order to promote the project internationally I attended and delivered a lecture at the International Sculpture Center Conference in Pittsburgh, October 2016. My lecture explored the narratives that existed between this once significant U.S. rust belt City, and Corby. The aim of the sculpture is to connect all generations of Corbyites to their heritage via a sculpture that explores the metamorphosis of “liquid metal” into solid form. The location for the sculpture is the railway station, which links Corby to London, and will therefore be visible to commuters as well as passengers who are travelling to other destinations through Corby. The railway station has only recently re-opened after extensive refurbishment and the idea is to have a landmark sculpture that successfully marks Corby as a place, linked to its history, but successfully re-imagined after the collapse of its once significant steel industry. The social impact of the sculpture cannot be underestimated at a time of economic flux, and its acceptance by the community is essential to its success. To this end I made three separate wood constructed designs: and via a public exhibition of maquettes, the people of Corby voted for their favourite sculpture. My approach to the realisation of this project used digital and traditional modes of practice. I generated ideas for the artwork via hand wrought timber constructed models as well as digital 3D modelling programs. Using CAD technology I was able to communicate my ideas to the Stakeholder Group clearly and coherently – locating the virtual sculpture proposal within the actual designated space. This method of collaboration enabled the Stakeholder Group to discus the scale, position, orientation and materials used in the making of the artwork before it went into production. Furthermore, we decided to put three concept ideas forward for public display within the Town Centre and then invited the people of Corby to vote on the preferred artwork for the railway station site. The Council enjoyed an overwhelming response to this strategy: this and my use of a local fabrication team aided local buy-in to the scheme, as well as promote the sustainability profile of the project. This booklet has been made available by the kind permission of Corby Borough Council..

Atkin, J (Accepted for publication) SUNDEW (Film) previewed at, Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, The Venice Biennale, Italy, 2019, This film was premiered at the Venice Biennale as part of a series of short films curated by Caroline Wiseman. The film explores the industrial process of making steel, and specifically the steel that contributed to making my landmark artwork entitled SUNDEW, permanently on display in Corby, Northamptonshire. https://vimeo.com/333920928 .

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