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Journal Articles

Stokoe, E and Sikveland, RO (Accepted for publication) The backstage work negotiators do when communicating with persons in crisis, Journal of Sociolinguistics, ISSN: 1467-9841.

Stokoe, E, Sikveland, R, Albert, S, Hamann, M, Housley, W (Accepted for publication) Can humans simulate talking like other humans? Comparing simulated clients to real customers in service inquiries, Discourse Studies, 22(1), ISSN: 1461-4456.

Sikveland, RO, Kevoe-Feldman, H, Stokoe, E (2019) Overcoming suicidal persons’ resistance using productive communicative challenges during police crisis negotiations, Applied Linguistics, ISSN: 0142-6001. DOI: 10.1093/applin/amy065.

Sikveland, R (Accepted for publication) Failed summons: Phonetic features of persistence and intensification in crisis negotiation, Journal of Pragmatics, ISSN: 0378-2166.

Huma, B, Stokoe, E, Sikveland, R (2018) Persuasive conduct. Alignment and resistance in prospecting 'cold' calls, Journal of Language and Social Psychology, ISSN: 1552-6526. DOI: 10.1177/0261927X18783474.

Stokoe, E, Sikveland, RO, Huma, B (Accepted for publication) Entering the customer’s domestic domain: Categorial systematics and the identification of ‘parties to a sale’, Journal of Pragmatics, ISSN: 0378-2166. DOI: 10.1016/j.pragma.2017.05.006.

Sikveland, RO and Stokoe, E (2017) Enquiry calls to GP surgeries in the UK: Expressions of incomplete service and dissatisfaction in closing sequences, Discourse Studies, 19(4), DOI: 10.1177/1461445617706999.

Sikveland, RO and Stokoe, E (Accepted for publication) How receptionists handle patients’ requests for appointments: Research findings for practice, Practice Management, 27(6), pp.20-22.

Sikveland, RO and Zeitlyn, D (2017) Using prosodic cues to identify dialogue acts: methodological challenges, Text and Talk: an interdisciplinary journal of language, discourse and communication studies, ISSN: 1860-7349.

Stokoe, E and Sikveland, RO (2016) Formulating solutions in mediation, Journal of Pragmatics, ISSN: 0378-2166. DOI: 10.1016/j.pragma.2016.08.006.

Stokoe, E, Sikveland, RO, Symonds, J (2016) Calling the GP surgery: Patient burden, patient satisfaction, and implications for training, British Journal of General Practice, ISSN: 1478-5242. DOI: 10.3399/bjgp16X686653.

Sikveland, RO, Stokoe, E, Symonds, J (2016) Patient burden during appointment-making telephone calls to GP practices, Patient Education and Counseling, DOI: 10.1016/j.pec.2016.03.025.

Sikveland, RO and Stokoe, E (2016) Dealing with resistance in initial intake and inquiry calls to mediation: The power of ‘willing’, Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 33(3), pp.235-254, ISSN: 1541-1508. DOI: 10.1002/crq.21157.

Sikveland, RO and Ogden, R (2012) Holding gestures across turns, Gesture, 12(2), pp.166-199, ISSN: 1568-1475. DOI: 10.1075/gest.12.2.03sik.

Sikveland, RO (2012) Negotiating towards a Next Turn: Phonetic Resources for ‘Doing the Same’, Language and Speech, 55(1), pp.77-98, ISSN: 0023-8309. DOI: 10.1177/0023830911428859.


Reeves, S, Porcheron, M, Fischer, JE, Candello, H, McMillan, D, McGregor, M, Moore, RJ, Sikveland, R, Taylor, AS, Velkovska, J, Zouinar, M (2018) Voice-based conversational ux studies and design. In , Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings,ISBN: 9781450356213. DOI: 10.1145/3170427.3170619.

Arsenovic, J, Edvardsson, B, Gruber, T, Åkesson, M, Tronvoll, B, Sikveland, R (2017) Measuring the Customer Co-Recovery Experience. In 15th International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management (QUIS), University of Porto, Portugal.

Arsenovic, J, Edvardsson, B, Gruber, T, Åkesson, M, Tronvoll, B, Sikveland, R (2017) Exploring the Black Box of Service Co-Recovery Encounters - A Conversation Analysis Approach. In 26th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business, New York, NY, USA.

Sikveland, RO, Öttl, A, Amdal, I, Ernestus, M, Svendsen, T, Edlund, J (2010) Spontal-N: A corpus of interactional spoken norwegian. In , Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, LREC 2010, pp.2986-2991, ISBN: 9782951740860.


Sikveland, RO and Stokoe, E (Accepted for publication) Effective triaging in general practice receptions: a conversation analytic study. In Demjen, Z (ed) Applying linguistics in illness and healthcare contexts, Bloomsbury Academic, pp.??-??.

Sikveland, RO and Stokoe, E (2018) Den samtaleanalytiske rollespilsmetode (CARM). In Davidsen, J and Kjær, M (ed) Videoanalyse af social interaktion, Samfundslitteratur, pp.1-1.

Stokoe, E and Sikveland, R (2017) The conversation analytic role-play method: Tacit methods, endogenous impact and interactional ‘nudges’ in applied interaction analysis. In Theoretical Scholarship and Applied Practice, pp.73-96, ISBN: 9781785334160.

Stokoe, E and Sikveland, RO (2016) The Conversation Analytic Role-play Method: Simulation, endogenous impact and interactional nudges. In Fors, V, O'Dell, T, Pink, S (ed) Theoretical scholarship and applied practice, Berghahn Books, pp.000-000.


Skarnitzl, R and Machač, P (2011) Principles of Phonetic Segmentation. DOI: 10.1159/000331902.

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