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Journal Articles

Trott, C (2018) Supporting Students with Maths Impairment in Higher Education, PATOSS Bulletin, 31(1), pp.20-28.

Trott, C (2018) Dyscalculia and Transitions into Higher Education and the workplace, Perspectives on Language and Literacy, 44(1), pp.20-25.

Trott, C, Drew, S, Maddocks, H (Accepted for publication) A Hub Service: extending the support provided by one institution to students of other local institutions, MSOR Connections, 12(2).

Trott, C (2011) Mathematics, dyslexia, and accessibility., MSOR Accessibility Workshop, University of Bath, . Full text: http://hdl.handle.net/2134/8883 .

Trott, C (2010) Dyscalculia: a practitioner's view, Assessment & Development Matters, 2(2), pp.19-21, ISSN: 2040-4069.

Trott, C (2007) Identifying Dyscalculia In HE, Dyslexia Review, 18(2), pp.9-14, ISSN: 0308-6275.

Trott, C and Beacham, N (2005) Development of a first-line screener for dyscalculia in Higher Education, Skill, (81), pp.13-19, ISSN: 1365-7275.

Trott, C (2005) Maths Support for an Engineering Student with Dyslexia, Working with Students with Disabilities, LTSN Engineering (2nd Edition), pp.28-29.

Trott, C (2003) Mathematics Support for Dyslexic and Dyscalculic Students, Journal of the Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties, 16(2), pp.22-28.


Treffert-Thomas, S, Hunsicker, E, Trott, C (2016) TeStED Project- Transitioning without A2 level mathematics. In The 18th SEFI Mathematics Working Group seminar on Mathematics in Engineering Education, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Trott, C (2011) Dyscalculia in further and higher education.. In , Patoss Bulletin, pp.53-59, Full text: http://hdl.handle.net/2134/8879 .

Trott, C (2010) Dyscalculia in Further and Higher Education. In ed, IGD (ed) CETL-MSOR Conference Proeceedings 2010, University of Birmingham, pp.68-73.

Beacham, N and Trott, C (2006) Developing a screening tool for dyscalculia. In CETL-MSOR, Loughborough, pp.14-19, ISBN: 978-0-9555914-0-2. Full text: http://mathstore.ac.uk/conference2006/Final%20Proceedings%202006/Conference%20Proceedings .

Trott, C (2006) Mathematics and Neurodiversity. In ed, DG (ed) CETL-MSOR Conference, Proceedings, Loughborough University, pp.161-166, ISBN: 978-0-9555914-0-2. Full text: http://mathstore.ac.uk/conference2006/Final%20Proceedings%202006/Conference%20Proceedings .

Beacham, N and Trott, C (2005) The Difficulties Dyslexic Students Experience Using Calculators. In Conference Proceedings, Helping Everyone Learn Maths', Loughborough, pp.125-148, Full text: http://www.engsc.ac.uk/nef/events/helmconf%20programme.asp%20dyslexia .

Perkin, G and Perkin, C (2005) Mathematical and Statistical Support for Dyslexic Undergraduates. Helping Everyone Learn Maths. In Conference Proceedings, Loughborough University.

Trott, C and Wright, F (2003) Maths & Dyslexia in Further and Higher Education. In Strategies for Sucessess, Supporting the dyslexic student in HE & FE:, University of Hull & De Montfort Univ. Leicester, tba.


Trott, C (2015) The Neurodiverse Mathematics Student. In Groves, M, Croft, ACC, Kyle, J, Lawson, D (ed) Transitions in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Higher Education Academy, pp.209-226, ISBN: 9781909557062.

Trott, C (2015) Dyscalculia in Higher Education Systems, support and student strategies. In Chinn, S (ed) The Routledge International Handbook of Dyscalculia and Mathematical Learning Difficulties, Routledge, pp.406-419, ISBN: 9780415822855.

Trott, C (2012) Dyscalculia. In Neurodiversity in Higher Education: Positive Responses to Specific Learning Differences, pp.125-148, ISBN: 9780470741597. DOI: 10.1002/9780470742259.ch6.

Trott, C (2010) Screening for dyscalculia: development and delivery.. In Unknown Parent Title, IN: Brunswick, N. (ed.) The Dyslexia Handbook 2009/10, . Full text: http://hdl.handle.net.2134/8802 .

Trott, C (2009) Dyscalculia, in Pollak D (ed) Neurodiversity in Higher Education:Positive Responses to Specific Learning Differences. In Unknown Parent Title, Wiley and Son, pp.125-148.

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