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Journal Articles

Freeman, N (2017) ‘Poisonous honey’: Recent writing on decadence and the 1890s, Literature Compass, 14(9), pp.e12392-e12392, ISSN: 1741-4113. DOI: 10.1111/lic3.12392.

Freeman, N (2017) Weird realism, Textual Practice, 31(6), pp.1-15, ISSN: 0950-236X. DOI: 10.1080/0950236X.2017.1358691.

Freeman, N (2016) What kind of love came to Professor Guildea? Robert Hichens, Oscar Wilde, and the Queer Ghosts of Hyde Park, Modern Language Review, 111(2), pp.333-351, ISSN: 0026-7937. DOI: 10.5699/modelangrevi.111.2.0333.

Freeman, N (2013) Literature, Immigration, and Diaspora in Fin-de-Siecle England: A Cultural History of the 1905 Aliens Act, JOURNAL OF VICTORIAN CULTURE, 18(4), pp.572-575, ISSN: 1355-5502. DOI: 10.1080/13555502.2013.869920.

Freeman, N (2013) Sensational ghosts, ghostly sensations, Women's Writing, 20(2), pp.186-201, ISSN: 0969-9082. DOI: 10.1080/09699082.2013.773772.

Freeman, N (2013) Sensational ghosts, ghostly sensations, Women's Writing, ISSN: 0969-9082. DOI: 10.1080/09699082.2013.773772.

Freeman, N (2012) Carol Poston (ed.), Evelyn Underhill: The Making of a Mystic - New and Selected Letters of Evelyn Underhill (Urbana & Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2010)., Victoriographies, 2(1), pp.75-77, ISSN: 2044-2416. DOI: 10.3366/vic.2012.0068.

Freeman, N (2011) 'Mad Music Rising': Chopin, Sex and Secret language in Arthur Symons's 'Christian Trevalga', Victoriographies, 1(2), pp.157-176, ISSN: 2044-2416.

Freeman, N (2010) Arthur Machen: Ecstasy and Epiphany, Literature and Theology, Vol. 24(3), pp.242-255, ISSN: 1477-4623. DOI: 10.1093/litthe/frq032.

Freeman, N (2008) A Country for the Savant: Paganism, Popular Fiction, and the Invention of Greece, 1914-1966, The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies, 10(1), pp.16-29, ISSN: 1528-0268.

Freeman, N (2008) Edward Thomas, Richard Jefferies, Algernon Swinburne: 'The Dead Oak Tree Bough', English Literature in Transition, 51(2), pp.PP 164-183, ISSN: 0013-8339.

Freeman, N (2008) E. Nesbit's New Woman Gothic, Women's Writing, 15:(3), pp.454-69, ISSN: 0969-9082.

Freeman, N (2007) Wilde's Edwardian Afterlife: Somerset Maugham, Aleister Crowley, and 'The Magician', Literature and History, 16(2), pp.16-29, ISSN: 0306-1973.

Freeman, N (2006) A decadent appetite for the lurid?: James Herbert, _The Spear_ and 'Nazi Gothic', Gothic Studies, 8(2), pp.80-97, ISSN: 1362-7937.

Freeman, N (2005) 'Nothing of the wild wood'?: Pan, paganism and spiritual confusion in E. F. Benson's 'The Man Who Went Too Far', Literature and Theology, 19(1), pp.22-33, ISSN: 1477-4623. DOI: 10.1093/litthe/19.1.22.

Freeman, N (2005) "Perfect and Poisonous": Wilde's Fatal Book, In-Between: Essays and Studies in Literary Criticism, 14(1), pp.31-40, ISSN: 0971-9474.

Freeman, N (2005) 'A longing for the wood-world at night': The Sylvan Mysteries of Arthur Machen, Faunus, N/A(12), pp.32-41.

Freeman, N (2004) The Shrineless God: Paganism, Literature and Art in Forties' Britain, The Pomegranate: The Journal of Pagan Studies, 6(2), pp.157-174, ISSN: 1528-0268.

Freeman, N (2004) The Cocky Walkers: Youth Crime and Social Comment, Peake Studies, 8(4), pp.9-18, ISSN: 1013-1191.

Freeman, N (2001) 'The Terror of Unseen Things': Saki and the fin-de-siècle Pagan Revival, The Pomegranate: The Journal of Pagan Studies, 3(3), pp.20-34, ISSN: 1528-0268.

Freeman, N (2001) British Barbarians at the Gates: Grant Allen, Michael Moorcock, and Decadence, Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction, 30(83), pp.35-47.


Freeman, N (2011) 1895: Drama, Disaster and Disgrace in Late Victorian Britain, Edinburgh University Press, ISBN: 9780748640560.

Freeman, N (2011) 1895,ISBN: 9780748640560.

Freeman, N (2011) 1895: Drama, disaster and disgrace in late Victorian Britain,ISBN: 9780748640560.

Freeman, N (2007) Conceiving the City: London, Literature, and Art 1870-1914, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 9780199218189.


Freeman, N (2019) Decadent Paths and Percolations after 1895. In Hext, K and Murray, A (ed) Decadence in the Age of Modernism, Johns Hopkins University Press, pp.71-88, ISBN: 9781421429427.

Freeman, N (2019) Southend will follow you wherever you go: M. John Harrison and the Fiction of Everyday Life. In Bould, M and Williams, R (ed) M. JOHN HARRISON Critical Essays, Glyphi, pp.85-104, ISBN: 9781780240770.

Freeman, N (2019) Robert Aickman and the English Abroad. In Newton, M (ed) Haunted Europe Continental Connections in English-language Gothic Writing, Film and New Media, Routledge, pp.141-156, ISBN: 9780367271848.

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Freeman, N (2018) 'They Keep Mad People There': Symons and Venice. In Bizzotto, E and Evangelista, S (ed) Arthur Symons Poet, Critic, Vagabond, Legenda, pp.118-130, ISBN: 9781781884973.

Freeman, N (2018) Tall tales and true: Richard Marsh and late Victorian Journalism. In Margree, V, Orrells, D, Vuohelainen, M (ed) Richard Marsh, Popular Fiction and Literary Culture, 1890-1915, Manchester University Press, pp.27-44, ISBN: 9781526124340.

Freeman, N (2017) The Black Magic Bogeyman 1908-1935. In Ferguson, C and Radford, A (ed) The Occult Imagination in Britain, 1875-1947, Routledge, pp.94-109, ISBN: 9781351168304.

Freeman, N (Accepted for publication) 'Haunted Houses'. In Brewster, S and Thurston, L (ed) The Routledge Handbook to the Ghost Story, Routledge, pp.328-337, ISBN: 9781138184763.

Freeman, N (2017) 'Curious Intricacies': Some Versions of City Writing at the Fin de Siecle. In The Edinburgh Companion to Fin de Siecle Literature, Culture, and the Arts, Edinburgh University Press, pp.70-90, ISBN: 978 1 4744 0891 2.

Freeman, N (2017) 'Symons and Whistler: The Art of Seeing'. In Desmarais, J and Conde, A (ed) Decadence and the Senses, Legenda/MHRA, pp.15-31, ISBN: 9781781884812.

Freeman, N (2014) The Victorian ghost story. In The Victorian Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion, pp.93-107, ISBN: 9780748642496.

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Scholarly Editions

Symons, A (2017) Spiritual Adventures, Modern Humanities Research Association.


Freeman, N (2019) Catherine Maxwell, 'Scents and Sensibility', A review of Catherine Maxwell's book, 'Scents and Sensibility'..

Freeman, N (2019) Reconnecting Aestheticism and Modernism: Continuities, Revisions, Speculations, ed. Benedicte Coste, Catherine Delyfer, Christine Reynier, A review of an essay collection about the relationship of three artistic movements..

Freeman, N (2017) Review of Giles Whiteley, 'Oscar Wilde and the Simulacrum: The Truth of Masks' (Cambridge: Legenda, 2016)., A review of Giles Whiteley's monograph about Wilde and Deleuze..

Freeman, N (2016) Review of 'Literature and the Politics of Post-Victorian Decadence' (Kristin Mahoney), and 'Decadence, Degeneration, and The End (ed. Marja Harmanmaa and Christopher Nissen), Review of two books on decadence during and after the 1890s..

Freeman, N (2016) Review of Joseph Bristow and Rebecca Mitchell, Oscar Wilde's Chatterton (Yale UP, 2016), A review of Bristow and Mitchell's scholarly edition of Oscar Wilde's 'Chatterton' notebook..

Freeman, N (2007) Angelique Richardson, {\it Love and Eugenics in the Late Nineteenth Century: Rational reproduction and the New Woman (Oxford:.

Freeman, N (2007) Carolyn Levine, ℎ : (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2003).

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Freeman, N (2001) Jonathan Rigby, ℎ ℎ : (London: Reynolds and Hearn).

Freeman, N (2001) Ronald R. Thomas, ℎ (Cambridge: CUP, 2000).

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