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Journal Articles

Kuzmina, K, Prendeville, S, Walker, D, Charnley, F (2018) Future scenarios for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods in a circular economy, Futures, 107, pp.74-88, ISSN: 0016-3287. DOI: 10.1016/j.futures.2018.12.001.

Kuzmina, K, Bhamra, T, Trimingham, R (2018) Content model as a tool for re-designing services at transformational level: case study of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Journal of Design Research, 16(1), ISSN: 1748-3050.


Newton, R, Kuzmina, K, Sloan, D (Accepted for publication) Service design approach to the annual degree programme review practices. In Learning, Teaching & Student Experience (LTSE 2020), Belfast.

Hussain, T, Kuzmina, K, Santamaria, L (Accepted for publication) Re-tail: exploratory design for the marketplace of a circular economy. In Inaugural Conference of the International Society for the Circular Economy (IS4CE2020), Digital.

Cheung, C, Kuzmina, K, Prendeville, S (2019) Service Blueprint for Sustainable Business Model Evaluation. In Bohemia, E, Nuša, GG, Bont, FCD, Almendra, RA (ed) Academy for Design Innovation and Management Conference 2019: Research Perspectives in the Era of Transformations; Conference proceedings of the Academy of Design and Innovation Management 2019: Research Perspectives In the era of Transformations, Loughborough University London, pp.848-875, ISBN: 9781912769018.

Kuzmina, K, Parker, C, Jun, J, Maguire, M, Mitchell, V, Moreno, MA, Porter, CS (2016) An exploration of service design jam and its ability to foster social enterprise. In DRS 2016, Brighton.

Kuzmina, K and Bhamra, T (2014) Positioning service design as transformational approach in education for sustainable development (ESD).. In , Lancaster, UK.

Trimingham, R, Kuzmina, K, Bhamra, TA (2011) Education and sustainable development: a new context for design. In , Barcelona, pp.1-7.


Lofthouse, V, Bohemia, E, Kuzmina, K (2017) Pedagogy for visually supported acquisition of cross-disciplinary innovation skills and knowledge. In Visual tools for developing student capacity for cross-disciplinary collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship, Common Ground Publishing, pp.1-38, ISBN: 9781863351157.

Trimingham, R, Rapitsenyane, Y, Kuzmina, K (2017) Systems and service design and the circular economy. In Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Design, © Taylor and Francis (Routledge), pp.73-85, ISBN: 9781138650176.

Kuzmina, K, Bhamra, TA, Trimingham, R (2012) Service design and its role in changing education. In Miettinen, S and Valtonen, V (ed) Service Design with Theory: Discussion on Change, Value and Methods, pp.27-36, ISBN: 9789524845519.


Kuzmina, K, Filho, M, Roto, V, Noworolska, D (Accepted for publication) Bridging Brand Strategy and Service Experience Design via a Relationship Metaphor, No description supplied.

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