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Journal Articles

Bernabei, R and Wallace, J (2020) Editorial of Journal of Jewellery Research (JJR) Volume 3, Journal of Jewellery Research, 3, pp.2-4, ISSN: 2516-337X.

Hani, M, Bernabei, R, Liguori, A (2019) The Good Hearts Model (GHM): an investigation into the extension of animation therapy; the GHM method with digital storytelling and jewellery, Animation Studies, 14, ISSN: 1930-1928.

Bernabei, R, Wallace, J, Wilson, S (2019) Volume 2 Editorial [Journal of Jewellery Research], Journal of Jewellery Research, 2, pp.1-4, ISSN: 2516-337X.

Bernabei, R (2018) Shows and Tales: On Jewelry Exhibition-Making [Book Review], The Journal of Modern Craft, 11(1), pp.91-93, ISSN: 1749-6772. DOI: 10.1080/17496772.2018.1440804.

Bernabei, R (2017) Wearable words: a case study applying Jewellery theory and practice to the education of Fine Art, Textiles Innovation and Design, Graphic Communication and Illustration students, The Design Journal, 20(Supplement 1), ISSN: 1460-6925. DOI: 10.1080/14606925.2017.1352674.

Bernabei, R, Cappellieri, A, Tenutab, L, Yavuz, SU (2015) CAD/CAM and jewellery design education, Making Futures: craft and the (re)turn of the maker in a post-global sustainably aware society, 4, ISSN: 2042-1664.

Bernabei, R (2009) Jewels and Jewellery by Clare Phillips, The Art Book, 16(2), pp.29-30, DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8357.2009.01008_9.x.

Bernabei, R (2008) Seaman Schepps: A Century of New York Jewellery Design, The Art Book Vol 15, Issue 1, pp.21-22, ISSN: 1368-6267.

Bernabei, R (2006) English jewellery in blue Delft.

Bernabei, R (2004) British contemporary jewellery artists in Jewellery Unlimited.

Bernabei, R (2004) Twenty-First Century Trophies, Museum der Weltkulturen Internationaler Schmuckwettbewerb, pp.s 7-8.


Bernabei, R Sensitising materials and narrative quality in emotionally embedded jewellery. In Handmade By Machines, Birmingham City University.

Bernabei, R (2019) Sensitising materials in emotionally embedded jewellery to perform a mnemonic function. In Degrees of Shadow, making and communicating knowledge through artefacts and art practices, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

Bernabei, R and Hope, M (2019) Teaching Jewellery to encourage civic impacts. In GLADHE 22nd Art & Design Education: Where do we go from here?, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Bernabei, R (2019) Sensitising materials and narrative quality in emotionally embedded jewellery. In Handmade By Machines – Seized By The Means Of Production, Birmingham City University.

Orfilia, J, Ortega, F, Haeni, M (2019) Animation & Public Engagement. In APES annual symposium on Animation and Public Engagement, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, USA.

Hope, M and Bernabei, R (2019) Levelling the playing field: using ReVIEW personal capture for student presentations. In Panopto UK HE User Group,, University of West England, Bristol.

Bernabei, R (2018) Mnemonic and emotionally invested jewellery as an aid to well-being. In 2018 Texas Tech Metal Symposium, Texas Tech University, School of Art and Design.

Campbell, I and Bernabei, R (2017) Increasing product attachment through personalised design of additively manufactured products. In ICED17 21st International Conference on Engineering Design, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada,ISBN: 9781904670933.

Bernabei, R (2017) Wearable Words: a case study applying jewellery theory and practice to the education of fine art, textiles, graphic communication and illustration students [conference paper]. In Design For Next, 12th European Acaemy of Design Conference, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy.

Negroni, E and Bernabei, R (2016) Pubblicare il Gioiello contemporaneo. In , Milan, Forementini Editoria.

Bernabei, R (2016) Wearable Words: a case study applying jewellery research and practice to the education of fine art, textiles and visual communication students [conference abstract]. In Design for Next, Rome, La Sapienza University.

Bernabei, RB (Accepted for publication) Art and Technology in Jewellery education. In Jewellery Education Design Institutions, Polimi (Politecnico)Milan.

Bernabei, R and Cappellieri, A (2015) CAD/CAM and jewellery design education [abstract]. In Making Future. International Research Conference, Mount Edgcumbe country estate, Plymouth College of Art.

Bernabei, R (2014) Digital jewellery: the democratisation of authorship and ownership. In All makers now. Craft Values in 21st Century, Falmouth University,ISBN: 978-0-9544187-9-3.

Bernabei, R (2010) An exploration of the consequences on nationhood and cultural expectations on the diffusion and. In Crossing Association for Contemporary Jewellery, West Dean College, West Essex UK, pp.1-2.


Bernabei, R (2011) Contemporary Jewellers Interviews with European Artists, Berg Publishers, ISBN: 9781845207700.


Bernabei, R (2017) Roberta Bernabei, Father and Son, artefact published on the following book: Narrative Jewelry, January 2017.

Bernabei, R (2016) Syston Lodge Home care: Memory and Jewels Project 2016, Syston, Leicester, Leicestershire, July 2016.

Bernabei, R (2016) Jewellery as an aid to memory and well-being, participatory project and exhibition, 2016, Cedar House Residential care home in Rothley, UK, June 2016.

Bernabei, R (2006) Ornament for 'Every Culture has its Jewellery' project, Rome/Lisboa, January 2006.


Bernabei, R (2018) The poetry of sensitising materials. In Annamaria Zanella The poetry of materials, Arnoldsche Art Publishers © The Author, pp.17-19, ISBN: 9783897905245.

Bernabei, R (2017) Jewelery can be worn too. In Exhibiting Craft and Design: Transgressing the White Cube Paradigm, 1930-present, © Routledge,ISBN: 9781472476951.

Mirella Cisotto Nalon, MNC and Bernabei, RB (2015) 10 Years of Precious Thoughts. The Voice of the Artists. In Comune Padova, (ed) Unknown Parent Title, Comune Padova, pp.15-17, ISBN: 978-88-98997-32-9.

Bernabei, R and Mirella Cisotto, MC (2014) Intervista con Roberta Bernabei. In Servizi Culturali, Padua, (ed) Interviste progetto XX anniversario rassegna Pensieri Preziosi,p.30.

Bernabei, R (2011) Introduction [Contemporary Jewellers Interviews with European Artists]. In Unknown Parent Title, Berg, pp.1-388, ISBN: 978-1845207700.

Digital/Visual Products

Schick, MK and Bernabei, R (2006) 500 Necklaces, Contemporary Interpretations of a Timeless Form, Lark Books.


Bernabei, R (2020) 9 Mapta. Contemporary Jewellery explores gender stereotypes and feminism, Contemporary Art Gallery Ground Solyanka, Moscow, 2 pieces (artefacts), 09-03-2020 to 07-04-2020.

Bernabei, R, Ficola, M, Ciribifera, M, Melarbi, M "Varianti Plastiche", Galleria Moretti, Deruta, Perugia, Italy, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R "Weihnachtausstellung", Hilde Leiss Galerie, Hamburg, Germany, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R Kunst in Verlag, Galerie Schoner, Koenigsbach-Stein, Germany, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R, Peters, R, Puig Cuyas, R, Adams, J, Davanzo, L (2004) Winter Exhibition 2004, Alternatives Contemporary Jewellery, Rome, 5 pieces , 11-12-2004 to 08-01-2005.

Bernabei, R, Adam, J, Ambery Smith, V, Kosica, O, Nuis, C Sieraden uit Engeland, Lous Martin Galerie, Delft, Holland, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R Jewellery Exhibition, Applied Arts Centre Design Yard, Dublin, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R, Bowen, C, Dworski, J, McAdam Freud, J (2003) Medal Exhibition - British Art Medal Society, Canary Wharf Window Gallery, London, 2 pieces , 01-08-2003 to 30-10-2003.

Bernabei, R, Munari, B, Abbozzo, E (1990) Ori d'Autore, Galleria La Roggia, Pordenone, Italy, 5 pieces , 10-10-1990 to 07-01-1991.

Bernabei, R Memory Spaces, 20/21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R, McAdam Freud, J, Wood, RM, Harding, R Contemporary Art Medal, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (touring), pieces , to .

Bernabei, R, McAdam Freud, J, Wood, R, Harding, R Contemporary Art Medal: The BAMS Student Medal Project XII 2005, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R (2005) Containers/Contained, Torpedo Factory Art Centre, Alexandria, USA, 2 pieces , 26-07-2005 to 11-09-2005.

Bernabei, R, de Jong, R, Ogura, R, Franzin, MR (2006) Women in Jewellery, Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Italy, 8 pieces , 25-03-2006 to 29-04-2006.

Bernabei, R Collect 2006 [Alternatives Gallery contemporary jewellery exhibition catalogue], V&A Museum, London, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R (2006) Exhibition: Italian Contemporary Jewellery in Lisboa, Tereza Seabra Gallery, Lisboa, 1 pieces (jewellery), 05-11-2006 to 15-11-2006.

Bernabei, R, Uderzo, B, Tornquist, RC, Fornari, A (2006) Exhibition: Joalharia Italiana Contemporanea em Lisboa, Terza Seabra Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal, 8 pieces , 10-10-2006 to 10-11-2006.

Bernabei, R Pensieri Preziosi II: Jewellery without boundaries [Images], Padua, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R Mapping Impermanence: Roberta Bernabei, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R, Hogg, D, Paxon, A, Adam, J Jewellery Unlimited, City Museum and Gallery, Bristol, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R, Archer, M, O'Connor, D (2006) Heavenly Bodies: Astronomical and Anatomical, Burghley Sculpture Garden, Burghley House,Stamford, 1 pieces , 18-05-2006 to 31-10-2006.

Bernabei, R, Cora, B, Stonyer, AA Roberta Bernabei Contemporary Jewellery, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, CM Lerici, Stockholm, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R (2007) Heat: The Determinant of Aesthetics, London, Kracow, Barcelona, San Francisco, 4 pieces , 07-06-2007 to 08-06-2008.

Bernabei, R (2007) From lines that explore shape to assemblage, Taverna Ducale-Popoli, Italy, 1 pieces , 08-07-2007 to 25-07-2007.

Bernabei, R (2008) Masters and Protégés - Contemporary British Jewellery, Touring:Itami, Japan; Tokyo, Japan; Birmingham, UK, 1 pieces , 05-03-2008 to 13-11-2008.

Bernabei, R (2007) Touching Warms the Art, Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, OR, USA, 2 pieces (silicone and cotton), 10-01-2007 to 23-03-2008.

Bernabei, R (2008) Gioiello contemporaneo italiano, Kunstgeweremusume, Berlin, Germany & Turin, Italy, 4 pieces , 10-07-2008 to 11-01-2009.

Bernabei, R (2009) Garbage Pin Project: 'worth VS waste', Galeria MCO Arte Contemporanea, Porto, Portugal, 5 pieces , 09-04-2009 to 27-07-2013.

Bernabei, R Binary flowers [title of my collection]: TEN [title of the whole group exhibition], pieces , to .

Bernabei, R (2009) In their own words, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, UK, 1 pieces , 06-11-2009 to 05-12-2009.

Bernabei, R [Brooch exhibited at] Castles, Miniatures, Astrology and Alchemy: the city of Padua in the time of the da Carrara Seigneury, in contemporary jewellery., Oratorio San Rocco, Musei Civici, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R (2009) Il Bijou nel tempo e la ricerca orafa, Museo del Bijou, Casalmaggiore (Cr) Italy, 3 pieces , 04-10-2009 to 08-11-2009.

Bernabei, R Ritual, Legnica Art Gallery, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R Souvenirs [part of the Craftsense exhibition], pieces , to .

Bernabei, R Ring Party [part of Venice Design Week – 4th edition], Centro TRA- Palazzo Ca De Ricchi, Treviso, Italy, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R (2013) Venice Design Week- 4th edition, Ca' Pisani Hotel, Venice, Italy‎, 1 pieces , 10-10-2013 to 20-10-2013.

Bernabei, R Jewellery to remember: souvenir [pink necklace], Kolding school, Danimark, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R Souvenir from Japan (Museo di Arte Orientale), Museo di Arte Orientale, Roma, Italy, October 2015, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R Loughborough Jewels: interactive exhibition to imbue memory with jewellery, Loughborough Town, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R Roberta Bernabei [Contemporary Jewellery. A tribute to Donatello. Mario Pinton International Award Second edition], Oratoriao di S Rocco, Padua, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R (2007) Contemporary Jewellery From Italy (touring exhibition), Flow Gallery, London, Galeria Bielak, Kracow, Hipotesi, Barcelona, Velvet da Vinci, San FranciscoUSA, 7 pieces , 07-06-2007 to 08-06-2008.

Bernabei, R (2015) Contemporary Jewellery. A tribute to Donatello. Mario Pinton Prize II ed, Oratoriao di S Rocco, Padua, 3 pieces , 09-05-2015 to 26-08-2019.

Bernabei, R (2003) "Roberta Bernabei Contemporary Jewellery", Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Istituto Italinao di Cultura, Lerici, Stockholm, 35 pieces , 26-05-2003 to 18-10-2003.

Bernabei, R "Roberta Bernabei Jewellery", Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R "Roberta Bernabei Gioielli", Le Arti Orafe Art Gallery, Florence, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R "Roberta Bernabei Gioielli", Palazzo Pretorio, Sansepolcro, Italy, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R, Fiorucci, D, Lang, R, Lemmer, K "22 Affinita' Centrifughe", Palazzo Della Penna, Perugia, Italy, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R, Francesco, D, Boldrini, S, Pettirossi, U (1989) "IV Biennale d'Arte Orafa", Museo Civico, Sansepolcro, Italy, 7 pieces , 09-09-1989 to 30-09-1989.

Bernabei, R, Bottomley, S, Troth, M, Bush, L "Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition", The Arts Institute, Bournemouth Wallisdown, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R and Cardinali, F "Le bijou en 3 temps", Atelier Cheret, Paris, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R and Boldrini, S (1989) "Young Italian Designers", Expo 89, Baselworld, Basel, Switzerland, 10 pieces , 15-04-1989 to 22-04-1989.

Bernabei, R and Doering, R "Manschettenknopfe", Schmuckwerkstatt Galerie, Berlin, Germany, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R "New Designers", New Designers, London, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R, Bottomley, S, Byczewski, J, Gordon, A "L'Immagine del Gioiello The image of Jewellery: Art, Design, Fashion", Alternatives Contemporary Gallery, Rome, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R, Maine, J, Randal Page, P, Williams, G "Open Sculpture", Royal West Academy, Bristol, pieces , to .

Bernabei, R, Marcangelo, R, Lombardi, A, Lomuscio, A "Radicequadrataditre", Elios Atelier d'Arte, Roma, Italy, pieces , to .


Bernabei, R (2016) Cedar House Rothley: Memory and Jewellery project 2016, Cedar House, Rothley, Lecestershire, UK.

RB, (2015) Joya 'Wearable communication', Art Centre, Barcelona, Spain.

Bernabei, R (2012) Jewellery to Remember: sensitising materials to capture the sensations of memory, Kolding School Denmark.

Bernabei, R (2006) The Language of Jewellery: Mario Pinton and sensitising jewellery.


Bernabei, R, Wallace, J, Wilson, S (2018) Editorial of the Journal of Jewellery Research [Vol. 1], Editorial of the Journal of Jewellery Research [Vol. 1].

Bernabei, R (2018) The conscience mirror, ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ was a collaborative exchange undertaken during the Scottish Government’s 2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design. The jewelled project was instigated by the Italian Cultural Institute (ICI) in Edinburgh and Stephen Bottomley, the then Head of Jewellery and Silversmithing at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). The dynamic week-long making workshop unfurled in coastal landscapes and was supported by lectures by geologists from the Scottish Gemmological Institute and the symposium Three Italian Goldsmiths..

Bernabei, R, Petra Holscher, Andre Gali, (2017) Norwegian Craft Paper Contemporary Jewellery.

Bernabei, R (2016) What inspires your work?, Contemporary jewellers: interviews with European artists - Roberta Bernabei. Che cosa inspira il tuo lavoro? [What inspires your work?].

Bernabei, RB and Uchida, UY (2015) Souvenir from Japan.

Bernabei, R (2015) CAD CAM and Jewellery Design Education - abstract for conference.

bernabei, RB (2015) Research Through Design conference.

Bernabei, R and Bernabei, RB (2014) Regional Round Up. ACJ East Midlands.

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