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Journal Articles

Akiwowo, K, Dennis, L, Weaver, G, Bingham, G (2019) The Living Archive: facilitating textile design research at undergraduate level through collaboration, co-creation and student engagement, Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, 7(2), pp.155-193, ISSN: 2051-1787. DOI: 10.1080/20511787.2019.1593297.

Akiwowo, K, Kane, F, Filarowski, A, Tyrer, J, Weaver, G (2017) CO2 laser dye patterning for textile design and apparel manufacture, Journal of Textile Engineering and Fashion Technology, DOI: 10.15406/jteft.2017.02.00061.

Akiwowo, K, Kane, F, Tyrer, J, Weaver, G, Filarowski, A (2014) Digital laser-dyeing for polyester fabrics, Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, 2(2), pp.133-152, ISSN: 2051-1787. DOI: 10.2752/205117814X14228978833457.


Akiwowo, K, Bagley, J, Green, S, Walton, K (2019) Enhancing the learner experience in textile design HE through drawing and making, collaboration and socially engaged practice [Abstract]. In Futurescan 4: Valuing Practice, University of Bolton and Bolton Museum.

Akiwowo, K (2017) Digital laser dyed textiles: A collaborative and interdisciplinary study [Poster]. In , Loughborough University in London.

Kavanagh, TJ, Kane, F, Matthews, J, Akiwowo, K, Walton, K (2015) Developments in Design Led Textiles Research. In 89th. Textile Institute World Conference, Wuhan, China, pp.702-707.

Kane, FE, Akiwowo, K, Tyrer, J, Morgan, L (2015) Textile Design Research: from chemistry to craft towards sustainable innovation. In European Academy of Design 11th International Conference: The Value of Design Research, Paris Boulogne University. DOI: 10.7190/ead/2015/66.

Akiwowo, K (2015) Digital laser-dye patterning for PET textiles. In IASDR 2015 INTERPLAY, Brisbane, Australia, pp.9-61.

Akiwowo, K (2011) Garment ID: Fashioned for Performance. In Textile Research In Process (TRIP), Loughborough University.

Akiwowo, K (2009) Motion Response Sportswear. In IntertechPira 5th Annual Smart Fabrics Conference, Rome, Italy.


Dennis, L and Selby, A (2018) Olympics and Culture: Tracings Projections and Intersections, Joshibi University of Art and Design ISIS, ISBN: 978-4-9904978-6-6.

Nimkulrat, N, Kane, F, Walton, K (2016) Garment ID: Textile Patterning Techniques for Hybrid Functional Clothing, In: Crafting Textiles in the Digital Age, Bloomsbury Publishing, ISBN: 9781474286206.

Quinn, B (2013) Motion Response Sportswear and Garment ID, In: Textile Visionaries: Innovation and Sustainability in Textile Design,ISBN: 9781780670539.

Braddock Clarke, SE and Harris, J (2012) Akiwowo, K, In: Digital Visions for Fashion and Textiles: Made In Code,ISBN: 978-0-500-51644-7.

San Martin, M (2010) Motion Response Sportswear, In: Future Fashion: Innovative Materials and Technology.

Seymour, S (2010) Garment ID, In: Functional Aesthetics: visions in fashionable technology,ISBN: 978-3-7091-0311-1.

Seymour, S (2008) Motion Response Sportswear, In: Fashionable Technology: The Intersection of Design, Science and Technology,ISBN: 3211744983.


Akiwowo, K Digital laser-dye patterning, Design and Architecture Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia, pieces , to .

Akiwowo, K (2011) Laser Techniques for Textile Design & Coloration, In: Textile Research in Process (TRIP) Exhibition and Symposium, Design School, Loughborough University UK, 2 pieces , 16-11-2011 to 17-11-2011.

Akiwowo, K (2008) Motion Response Sportswear, Dana Centre, Science Museum London, UK, 1 pieces , 18-09-2008 to 19-09-2008.

Akiwowo, K , Loughborough University in London, pieces , to .

Selby, A Olympics and Culture: Tracings, Projections and Intersections: Koi (2018), pieces , to .

Selby, A and Dennis, L Joint Exhibition of Joshibi University of Art and Design, and Loughborough University: Sport. Culture. Heritage. In: Olympics and Culture - Tracings, Projections, and Intersections, pieces , to .

Akiwowo, K Sport. Culture. Heritage, Joshibi Art Museum, Kanagawa, Tokyo, Japan, pieces , to .

Akiwowo, K and Dennis, L Exploring jacquard weaving as an applied digital practice for textile design research and development [Abstract], University of Bolton and Bolton Museum, pieces , to .


Akiwowo, K and Vourvachis, P (2019) It’s time to look at how gift giving spares a thought for loved ones but not the planet.

Akiwowo, A, Hunsicker, E, Akiwowo, K (2019) Black Excellence Achievers, Interview.

Akiwowo, K (2018) BBC Radio Leicester Interview with host, Ben Jackson (Live Broadcast).

Akiwowo, K (2018) Let's tackle fashion waste and be more clothing conscious this Christmas.

george torrens, (2018) Craft Abilities Skills Share Workshop.

Akiwowo, K (2009) Wear it Well: Wearable Display Technologies, In: MADE: Materials and Design Exchange Magazine.

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